Master Commands
“Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast”

“Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast”

Here is a list of all other variations to this amazing master command – Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast Positive Energy.

Now once you have installed this command you can go to the other variables and install them as well.

The other variables are







Self Worth







If you think your life is not in a desired position or feel, there is something that is out of order and alignment and you need to find out what is really missing to heal your story.

If there is conflict, it indicates you need peace

If there is boredom, it indicates you need passion and romance, things like that which bring out the adventure and fun side

If you feel you have been wronged and abused, it means you need boundaries and self respect

If you think you are struggling and dragging the burdens, it means you need relaxation and freedom

You need to find the other side of your story that is waiting for you to accept the gift.

Your problems are one side of your story. Your gifts are the other side of the story which you have not learnt to own it and master it’s Vibe.

So now use this command

“Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast Happiness and Glory all over the World”

“Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast Health, Weath and Success for Me and My family and friends.”

“Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast Good Luck and Prosperity throughout the year and throughout the entire lifetime and beyond.”

“Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast Love, Beauty, Romance and Harmony in My Married Life.”

“Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast Dignity, Strength and Calibre in My Personality and Character.”

“Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast Security, Stability and Hike in My Job and Profession.”

“Amplify, Magnetize and Broadcast Positive Energy in My Aura, Space, Office, Room, Home and Surrounding Areas.”

In this way you can declare your intent and specifically get to imprint your ideas and visions in your energetic vibrations.

The point is to focus on building and raising your level of Lifestyle.

Thank You ❤️

Sending you love and light always.

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