Minkal Vaishnav is a Dowser, Healer and a Spiritual Coach who helps people to live their best Life possible by teaching the ancient art of dowsing. She has been in the field of Metaphysics for over two decades and studied different Healing Modalities and Energy Medicines. Over the past 5 years she has developed her own unique healing system that combines intuition with methods of Energy Work.

Her Specialty is the use of Pendulums, Crystals and Energy Healing to assist those on their Journey of Awakening. Her Primary Focus is on Teaching, Practicing and Sharing the ancient Art of Dowsing through her Books and Blogs. Her Authentic, Soul Centered Coaching Style gently guides People to Uncover their own Wisdom and Inner Strength.

She is a Design Graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad. Designing was her passion but then she realized there was something more powerful within her that was not explored yet and this drew her to invest herself into awakening her spiritual side. She had always been an Artist from Birth and had an eye for spirituality and wisdom. She had always been fascinated by Symbols and Abstract Interpretation. In her first half of Life she was always in search of finding her True Purpose and Mission in Life. Even when she was into designing she would try to add a twist of spiritual touch to it by using a spiritual theme or symbols that would simply reflect her personality.

She began to find Her Passion and Interest in the Spiritual World full of Healing, Transformation, Empowerment and Enlightenment focused Paths. She began to read from Books and Blogs to gain as much knowledge as possible to satisfy her Curiosity and Desire.

She came across Dowsing and began to implement the methods in her Life. Soon she found it to be the best healing modality ever on earth. She then began to explore and experiment with the techniques to check the strength and power of it to yield an outcome.

Overtime it became her daily practice and a friend in need. She then began to get new ideas and ways to use a Pendulum. Then she had a point in her Life when she thought she should write all of this experiences in a file so that it can help her children in future. With this thought she thought of coming up with a book which can help all others and the future generations who may find it very useful.

After producing 5 books, she thought of sharing the ideas freely with the world so it is easily available and accessible to the mass audience for free without paying anything.

She created this Blog “Dowsing Yoga” to help her fellow dowsing community and contribute her gifts in the development of the Art of Dowsing. Her Intent is help and support all of her Friends and Community of Dowsing.

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