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new age dowsing

New Age Dowsing - The Self Help Guide to Tarot Cards, Akashic Records, Soul Retrieval, Inner Child, Reiki, EFT, Healing Frequencies, Mokshapatta, Lemon Witchcraft, Liver Detox and Metaphysical Pain Healing with 20 Pendulum Dowsing Techniques


The New Age is an Indigenous Spiritual Movement and a Hippie Bohemian Language that combines ancient wisdom with modern day popular wellness practices. It’s a cocktail of Metaphysical and occult practices, beliefs, modalities and therapies that lead to beneficial outcomes and strengthen and amplify the healing and manifestation process.


  • There is a lot of untapped potential in any healing modalities and when combined with other powerful techniques the power is channelized and used in a convenient and comfortable way.


  • During the 1980’s the mass consciousness started to turn towards various unconventional spiritual and therapeutic practices which is termed as the ‘New Age Movement by sociologist.


  • The New Age Movement is for Spiritual Gangster and is kind of a Spiritual Supermarket where you get to pick up therapies that suit and yield results. You also mix it with other therapies and come up with a new one which was not present before. The ultimate Goal is Peace, Happiness, Enlightenment and Highest Potential for Growth, Healing and Manifestation.


  • Nature is Sacred. Spirituality is Divine, The Universe is Magical. There is room for everything that you can believe, perceive or think about. There are many worlds and thus the limit is only in the mind and that you set on yourself. The heart of inner work is to balance your energies and regain your spirit.


  • We are Human Beings with Psychic Powers and Hidden Potential which is activated through Psycho Therapeutic Interventions, Inquires and Experiments. There are many Healing and Mystical Practices such Yoga, Meditation, Tarot, Astrology, Reiki, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Bach Flower Essence, Affirmative Prayer, Body Work, Chakra Healing, Dowsing, Magnet Therapy, Feng Shui, Light Therapy, Psychic Surgery, Quantum Healing etc


  • The New Age is a movement leading to Self Improvement, Transformation and Enlightenment.


This book consists of 12 Dowsing Worksheets with 20 Pendulum Dowsing Techniques for Healing and Manifestation Work


  1. Tarot Cards Healing Worksheets
  2. Akashic Records Healing Worksheets
  3. Soul Retrieval Healing Worksheets
  4. Inner Child Healing Worksheets
  5. Reiki Healing Worksheets
  6. Emotional Freedom Technique Worksheets
  7. Crystal Healing Worksheets
  8. Healing Frequencies Worksheets
  9. Lemon and Water Healing Worksheets
  10. Mokshapatta Healing Worksheets
  11. Liver Cleansing Detox Worksheets
  12. Metaphysical Pain Healing Worksheets


You will also find Brain Stroke Recovery commands in this book in the Lemon and Water Healing Worksheet chapter. Through that you may also get an idea about what command to use to help someone in danger or in critical life and death situation.


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manifestation dowsing

Manifestation Dowsing - The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing through 18 Pendulum Dowsing Techniques on Subconscious Intention Setting and Goals Manifestation Worksheets


The law of attraction is working all the time just like the law of gravitation which pulls things down to earth. The law of attraction is about attracting something that is on the same frequency, channel, wavelength, thinking and feeling of our being. We are always attracting things based on our energy vibration.


  • Every Thought, Emotion, Belief, Memory, Idea, Action and state of being has a frequency, a pattern, a condition and a vibration that brings together all other similar vibrating bodies and events so you experience your state of being and the level of your manifestation.


  • If you hold on to a negative thought and believe in it then it will bring people, energies, events, conditions and situations that reflect and mirror your beliefs as true to what you think it is. This is Quantum Science where the things we perceive depend purely upon our observation and perception.


  • We attract things based on how we think, feel and derive a meaning out of it. The universe mirrors our thoughts and tunes in to our vibration to support in our manifestation. Our Life is a taste of our own Medicine. What we think really matters so it’s vital to do all the healing work so as to naturally be in a positive state of frequency.


This book will help you Master your Manifestation Game and face your fears with courage and faith. The Power is in our Thoughts and Vibration and once you learn how to manipulate, twist and turn the energy in your favor, you understand Life, Creation and the art of Manifestation and the Gifts of Awakening.


This book contains 11 Dowsing Worksheets with 18 Dowsing Techniques on Healing, Manifestation and Empowerment.


  1. How Things Manifest in Life?
  2. Manifestation of Goals Worksheet
  3. 3 Questions to Boost your Manifestation
  4. 5 Step Manifestation Technique using Water
  5. Releasing Toxic Belief Worksheet
  6. Limiting Beliefs Worksheet
  7. 3 Healing Protocol for Mind Clearing
  8. Hypnosis Relaxation for Anxiety and Stress
  9. Release Negative Thoughts
  10. Subconscious Intention Setting
  11. Release all Resistance Worksheet


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spiritual dowsing

Spiritual Dowsing - A Book on Life Story Healing Therapy for Spiritual Growth and Personal Power with 33 Pendulum Dowsing Techniques


Spiritually we are made out of joy and love by the higher source. When we are disconnected by our own source, we lose the natural pace of healing and find ourselves in trouble.


  • The problems won’t leave at all and it gets terrible day by day, creating a lot of stress and madness. These problems are nothing but blocks to our spiritual healing power. Any negative state of being and condition is a result of loss of Power and Dignity.


  • Any major problem will only take place if it has its root in the spiritual ground. An illness or a persistent nagging issue is an indication of the negative energy and its harmful effects. Spiritually it will compel you to work on it and clear the issue so as you can enjoy the fruits of your own holistic essence.


  • This book will help you master this Soul Lessons and help you rebuild Trust and Faith in Divine Spiritual Healing Powers. It will take you on a journey to creating a Good Life and Heal your Life Story so you can vibrate at the Highest Level and feel Relaxed and in a state of Ecstasy and Divinity.


This book contains 17 Dowsing Worksheets with 33 Dowsing Techniques to help you regain your Spiritual Healing Power and Empower Your Life.


  1. Pendulum Healing using just a Question
  2. Divine Wisdom Healing Worksheet
  3. Dowsing Protocol for Life Story Healing
  4. Transmute Disgrace into Divine Grace
  5. Stop someone from sabotaging your Life
  6. Clearing Blocks to a Good Life Worksheet
  7. Healing Traumatic Memories Worksheet
  8. Heal your Home Worksheet
  9. Freedom from Pain of Life
  10. 40 Commands for Personal Power
  11. Manifest Good Life with Pendulum Healing
  12. Shift to High Frequency Worksheets
  13. Empower your Divine Subconscious Worksheet
  14. Setting up Subconscious Clues & Reminders
  15. Inner Joy and Happiness Worksheet
  16. How to heal others of Chronic Conditions
  17. How to create an Environment for Spiritual Growth


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money dowsing

Money Dowsing - A Complete Financial Workbook with 50 Healing Techniques to generate Positive Cash Flow and Build an Ideal Career


We make a Living by offering our Services that are Good value for Money. Careers involve choosing a path where You can use your Strength and Potential to make a Living out of your Hardwork and Talents. Money is a byproduct of the essence you bring to the table. Careers make you hustle, grind and come up with your oil that is unique and precious.


  • And as you know choosing an ideal career is the heart of all abundance and financial freedom. When you are in a career that you love and enjoy the most, then you never get exhausted or drained. In pursuing your dream job you are filled with passion and enthusiasm which makes you come alive.


  • This book will help you find your ideal best career and clear blocks and negativity that stop you from living an ideal best Life. Mostly this book will help you understand your relationship with Money, Work and Self so that you can work on your fears, doubts and insecurities as well as find the courage and freedom to live an inspired life of greatness and dignity.


This book is divided into 4 basic parts


Part 1: Financial Goals Manifestation Worksheets

Part 2: Ideal Career and Ideal Business Worksheets

Part 3: Money and Career Healing Worksheets

Part 4: Money and Career Enlightenment Worksheets


It contains 16 Dowsing Protocols:


  1. Dowsing to Heal your Finances
  2. Dowsing for Money Worksheet
  3. Pendulum Healing Money Protocol
  4. SWOT analysis and IKIGAI technique
  5. Negative energetic patterns in career & finances
  6. 6 Relationship with Money and Self
  7. Ideal Relationship and Ideal Sales
  8. Step by Step Protocol for Money Problems
  9. Karmic Blockages to Abundance
  10. Earning Blocks & obstacles
  11. Offering good value for money
  12. Creating new pathways & foundation for money
  13. Money & career Enlightenment
  14. Find the right switchwords for money & career
  15. Consciousness of money and career and its effect
  16. Just one switchword to sell a property


It contains 50 dowsing techniques:


  1. Remove harmful energies, blockages & wounds
  2. Conscious & unconscious desire, will & action
  3. Cleanse, purify & transmute negative consciousness
  4. Status of your condition regarding money
  5. Uncreate, dissolve & release all problems about money
  6. “I am 100%” affirmations for installation
  7. Energy Medicine for Money
  8. Find your hidden strength and weapon
  9. What is your financial goal?
  10. Are you in alignment with your financial goals?
  11. Work on your core beliefs
  12. Your goals reveal your wounds & unmet needs
  13. What is your place in this world?
  14. Check the level and state of swot and ikigai
  15. Dowsing protocol for swot and ikigai
  16. Self inquiry and divine healing
  17. Clear and remove negative patterns
  18. Dowsing commands for career and finances
  19. Cleanse, purify & transmute financial relationship
  20. Shift and transform negative beliefs about self
  21. Shift and transform negative beliefs about money
  22. Dowsing commands to clear negative relationship
  23. Attracting an ideal relationship
  24. Attracting an ideal sales
  25. Dowsing statement to stop negative thoughts
  26. Money blocks and lack of money issues
  27. Detect and heal negative money flow
  28. Detect the root of money issues
  29. Create positive channels for money
  30. Turn yourself into money magnet
  31. Heal all unconscious parts that reject money
  32. Dowsing protocol to release blockages
  33. Self inquiry for money and work
  34. Energy healing protocol for earning good money
  35. Dowsing commands to raise the value
  36. Affirmations to increase business value
  37. Clear financial blocks in chakras
  38. Foundation for positive money flow
  39. Heal and correct negative experiences about money
  40. Check the condition and state of money and career
  41. Money enlightenment in spiritual careers
  42. Switchwords that work for you to attract money
  43. Check the consciousness level of switchword
  44. Check the consciousness level of money and career and its effect
  45. Switchword affirmation healing to raise the conscicousness
  46. Switchword affirmation for money magic
  47. Using switchwords to heal imbalances
  48. Dowsing questions for choosing the right switchword
  49. Working on unconscious desires
  50. Enlightenment affirmations for income, money and overall prosperity


With the dowsing protocols and pendulum healing techniques presented in this book, you will be guided all the way to clear all your stress about Money and Career.


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aura dowsing

Aura Dowsing - A Chakra Healing and Divination Workbook to Cleanse, Purify and Transmute Energy Blocks into Spiritual Gold


Through this book You will not only learn about Pendulum Dowsing but also about how to clear the blocks in Life. Through Dowsing you can Change, Modify, Adjust, Transmute, Create and Manifest Anything. It is just a tool to redirect and reshape the patterns as per your desires and will.


  • We all are same and we all are connected to each other. This is how Life is and how the universe works through each of us to carry out its task. The universe is abundant in nature and is full of Joy, Prosperity, Wealth and all kinds of Riches. It is us who are ignorant and blocked to receive its gifts. But with the right knowledge and right tools we can conquer any obstacle on our way to Goodness and living a life of dignity and greatness.


  • When the vital flow of energy is blocked in us at a chakra level then everything in our life becomes a mess and a threat to our survival and then we become our own worst enemy and look at everything as a danger and abuse others to protect ourselves at any cost.


  • Through this book you will learn the importance of chakra and how it plays a major role in shaping our life events and conditions. All problems begin at a chakra level and when the chakras are healed and balanced, it results into ideal conditions for Life to Flourish and Thrive.


  • You may never know why you have a repeated pattern or a nagging situation that doesn’t seem to leave but with this book you will be guided to look at your problems from a chakra point of view and with the help of Pendulum Dowsing resolve the issue before it has any place to manifest into reality as your truth.


This book is divided into 3 Parts each comprising of tools to clear, balance and transmute your Aura into Ideal State of Divinity.


Part 1: Aura Clearing

  1. Clear the Chakras with a Pendulum
  2. Clear Money Blocks from the Chakras
  3. Clear Relationship Chords from the Chakras
  4. Clear Subconscious Blocks to Self Love
  5. Clear Meditation Blocks to Spiritual Ascension


Part 2: Aura Balancing

  1. Correct Polarity Reversals in Energy Body
  2. Balance the 5 Elements in the Aura
  3. Use of Crystals as Energy Medicines


Part 3: Aura Transmutation

  1. Transmute Guilt Consciousness from the Chakras
  2. Auric Health Protocol for Energy Transmutation
  3. Transmute Life Problems into Gold


Whenever there is any kind of stress, it is an indication of discomfort and a scream for help. When You choose to honor and listen to your needs no matter how insignificant and small it looks, you choose to take responsibility for right actions to solve your concerns.


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astrology dowsing

Astrology Dowsing - A Self Help Guide to Unblock Palm Chakras, Activate Kundali, Heal Mahadasha, Clear Unfinished Past Life Karma, Heal Motherwound and Transform Life


Whether it is Astrology or Dowsing, they are indeed a form of divination and prediction tool. Through this book you will understand the connection between Dowsing and Astrology as well as how you can use Astrology to correct the energy in your birthchart and lifepath with the help of Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets.


  • At the time of our Birth, there is a certain pattern in the sky which forms our destiny and how one by one our life will unfold over time. Astrology is a very potent tool to know what is coming next. If you are aware about the coming period, you can manage and play safe accordingly.


  • We study astrology not out of blind faith or to put our destiny in someone else’s hand. It is to be aware about the changes that are about to take place so we can adjust, mange and use it to our benefit. This book will help you in million ways to heal your Past, Present and Future.


There is a concept of Karma. It is about what we do comes back to us sooner or later. It is simply what we saw is what we reap.  So just know that what all happened up until now is a pattern and a seed that was sown in the past in the form of action and karma. What we get today is the fruit of that seed.


  • Through Dowsing, You take things in your hand. You become the master of your life and your destiny. You become conscious enough to know your worth and your power to impact a change in the world and all around you. You are no longer playing a game of a victim but of a creator and a path breaker.


  • Through Dowsing you can simply remove all that which you do not like and add all that which you desire the most. Through this book you will learn all you need to know about Dowsing and use the energy of planets and your birth chart to help heal many issues that you may not know are affecting you from many lifetimes.


  • This book is not an astrology book to learn about astrology but a dowsing book through which you will get the basic details about astrological influences and use dowsing worksheets to correct the imbalances. Here Astrology is used to find the blocks in your life and clear it with Dowsing.


This book consists of 15 Chapters on Astrological Healing through Dowsing Techniques and Commands.


  • How Astrology is connected to Dowsing?
  • Beginners Guide to unblock Palm Chakras
  • Numerology Healing 2021
  • How to Activate your Kundali?
  • Coronavirus Astrology and Pendulum Healing
  • Dowsing Chart to be unaffected by harm
  • Predict and Heal Mahadasha results
  • 7 Questions to strengthen a weak planet
  • The gifts of 6th, 8th and 12th house
  • Heal the 8th house for life transformation
  • Heal the 12th house for Past Life Karma
  • Work with Saturn energy to manifest Moksha
  • Healing the Motherwound Worksheet
  • Strengthen Venus for Romantic Relationship
  • 21 Days Protocol for Brain Reboot


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health dowsing

Health Dowsing -  A Breakthrough Recovery Book with 16 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing


Life can be pretty sad and upsetting at times and sometimes it throws real bad circumstances that can be heartbreaking and soul crushing. Sometimes it takes away all hope and help. It makes you suffer and feel the pain.

I hope this book will give you all the strength you are looking for and all the hope in a better future. Health is the most important and uncompromisable aspect as if something is causing pain and discomfort it makes the mind suffer. And once the mind is affected, one cannot make sound decisions and carry out the task peacefully.

Through this book you will be able to heal and fix common ailments as well as big major serious long term diseases.

All disease exist due to an imbalance and disruption in the energy field. When the same energy field is balanced and brought into wellness, it restores Health and Well being. Through this book you will be guided and aligned to your highest best levels of health so You can be finally be free to make the rest of your life the best of your life.


This book is composed of Two Fundamental Parts:


  • Part 1 is about General Healing where You get insights on the basic concepts of Health, Wellness and Harmony with our true source of Power and Being. It covers important principles of Healing and Balancing. It will help you regain and rebuild core foundation for health and wellness.


  1. Grounding and Balancing
  2. Raising Financial, Emotional and Spiritual Health
  3. Improving the Quality of Life
  4. Reclaiming lost Happiness
  5. Clearing Blocks to Fun, Enjoyments and Abundance



  • Part 2 is about Specific Healing where you get fully directed techniques towards solving a serious illness. It is more of specific commands and step by step method to clear the issue from the root and reprogram the body for complete Health and Wellness.


  1. Protocol for Clear and Healthy Skin
  2. Protocol for Hairfall Problems
  3. Protocol for healing a Sprained Ankle
  4. Protocol for curing Depression
  5. Protocol for defeating Corona Virus
  6. Protocol for Weight loss
  7. Protocol for reversing Tooth Decay
  8. Protocol for Cancer Treatment
  9. Protocol for OCD
  10. Protocol for Bipolar Disorder
  11. Protocol for Eye Correction


Each chapter in the book composes of a dowsing technique and different protocol which you can use for solving any issue you are facing. Throughout this book you will find many healing techniques and methods to heal your life.


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Relationship Dowsing 0 (0)

relationship dowsing

Relationship Dowsing - A complete Self Rebuilding and Recovery Workbook on healing from Heartbreak, Divorce and Emotional Abuse with 16 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets


We live in a world where we look for happiness in a relationship and job and everything. Our world is shattered and devastated when we find sadness and betrayal in those investments.

Yeah it’s all an investment of our mind, body, spirit and energy. When we build a relationship or career, we give our self and put us at a risk of being rejected and losing our self in the process.

The problems that we have are all a reflection of our unresolved emotional issues. We can face that in any way through our career, relationships or our surroundings. We can’t escape the lesson. It may come from anywhere.

This book is about Relationship Healing and also relates to healing the Career as well. Our career is also a relationship aspect.

How we handle and deal with relationships is the key. Mostly we are good in relationships with others because we can put on a fake mask and pretend to be nice on the surface. But in our intimate relationships like that which we have with our parents, siblings, ex lovers, husband or a friend, we are real and open. And this is where we face serious issues when we realize they have cheated, betrayed, broken our trust, left us, abandoned us or played with us.

But all of this issues are our own rather then they doing this to us. When we heal these issues, our intimate romantic relationships bloom and feel secure from within.

This book is about Healing from all sorts of relationship issues. And ultimately it will also help to find a positive closure so as to attract and synergize with Ideal Relationships and Partnerships.

This book is divided into 16  sections each consisting of dowsing protocols and techniques to help you clear as much junk data as possible and establish new patterns and vital conditions for new relationships to flourish.


  • Unrequited Love Worksheet
  • Abandonment Issues Worksheet
  • Karmic Blockages Worksheet
  • Divorce Recovery Worksheet
  • Get over an Ex Worksheet
  • Blocked on Social Media Worksheet
  • Breakthrough Toxic Relationship Worksheet
  • Relationship Compatibility Worksheet
  • Abusive Relationships Patterns Worksheet
  • Manifest Peaceful Relationships Worksheet
  • Create Ideal Reality Worksheet
  • Energy Balance Worksheet
  • Clear Blocks and Problems Worksheet
  • Stagnant Energy of Past Worksheet
  • Self Love and Self Care Worksheet
  • Relationship Condition: in love or in Pain



From this book you will be able to

  • Move on from a toxic attachment to ex
  • Get relief from the trauma of divorce
  • Attract an Ideal Spouse or Relationship
  • Heal and Balance a disturbed Relationship
  • Clear negative patterns and settle karmic issues
  • Clear chords on the chakras attached to past unhealthy relationships
  • Gain faith in Yourself and strengthen your relationship with self



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Past Life Dowsing 0 (0)

past life dowsing

Past Life Dowsing - A complete Self Help Workbook on Past Life Healing Dowsing Technique for deep Shadow Work with 21 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets


This book is about Exploration of Inner Wounds, Old Triggers, Subconscious Blocks, Toxic Patterns, Limiting Beliefs, Shadow Work and Energy Healing. The purpose of this book is to help you investigate your psyche of all the spaces that are wounded and damaged. So this book is here to help you bring light onto those dark matters and free you from unconsciously manifesting those things into reality and thus liberate you from unwanted sufferings.

This book is divided into 5 parts all leading to Past Life Healing Worksheets so as to make you aware and open about your wounds and help you get clues on what you need to heal and what is ruining your life from behind the scenes.



  1. Past Life Healing Worksheet
  2. Emotional Blockages of Past Worksheet
  3. Negative Patterns of Past Worksheet
  4. Unhealed Event of Past Worksheet
  5. Unresolved Trauma from Past Worksheet
  6. Bad Decisions of Past Worksheet
  7. Loss of Worth in the Past Worksheet
  8. Psychological Disorders Worksheet



  1. Energy Healing Protocol for Self Care
  2. Life Transformation Worksheet
  3. Stop Bitter Experiences Worksheet
  4. Heal Inner Wounds Worksheet



  1. Awakening through Trauma Worksheet
  2. Heal the Trauma Response
  3. Clearing Patterns of Abuse



  1. Spiritual Awakening Worksheets
  2. Transmute Toxic Fears into Divine Light
  3. Checklist of 64 issues to clear
  4. Heal a Terrifying Situation Worksheet



  1. Working on Future Events
  2. Good Time, Space & Energy Worksheet


When you know your hidden enemies that is where you can begin to win the game as the enemy is exposed and you can stop them from damaging your life. The enemy is only strong and powerful if it stays hidden and out of your sight. Once it gets into your eye you can defeat it with the help of right set of tools.

There is a saying that “We are our own worst enemy” is true because we deny our reality and suppress our true feelings for the fear of being knocked down and humiliated. We let our thoughts control our life and beliefs keep us stuck in old patterns.

In part 1, You will get tools to heal your past and work on turning your enemies into your biggest ally. Ally means a person who helps and supports you especially when other people are against you. Now who doesn’t want this kind of blessing in disguise? Disguise means an apparent misfortune that eventually has good results in your favor.

You can have misfortunate events in life but that doesn’t have to knock you down. This can be the point of breakthrough that you may have been seeking all your life.

With the techniques and protocols presented in this book, you will not only learn about Dowsing but also about various ways you can reclaim your worth and put yourself back together.

Healing is a gift. When you heal yourself, you heal your world experience. And to heal yourself, you have to heal your past, your roots and your point of trauma where you lost your worth and power.

The past is where you have lost something and what is also known as a pending karma. Until you correct the mistake and reclaim your power you will always find yourself stuck and defeated.

To work with the past means to work with the shadow and go within to discover the gold that you missed on the journey. The future depends on the past just the way the fruits depend on the seeds.

The purpose of past life healing is to go back in time and replace the seeds so it can bless you with the desired fruits that you wish to eat in the present and future. What you saw is what you reap.

The fruits that you are eating today is the result of past accumulated karma.

Now let’s jump into our sacred Past Life Healing work and bless our Soul.


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Energy Medicine Dowsing 0 (0)

energy medicine dowsing

Energy Medicine Dowsing - A Spiritual Empowerment Workbook and Step by Step Guide to Enlightenment with 37 Pendulum Dowsing Charts


Pendulum Dowsing is an art of using the movement of a Pendulum to determine if the energy is positive or negative.


  • When the Pendulum moves in clockwise or vertical direction, it is a sign of yes or say positive energy


  • And when it moves in anticlockwise or horizontal direction, it means no or an indication of negative energy present.


When we dowse, we look for the signs positive and negative to determine the state of the problem at an energy level.



  • This book is not just about Dowsing Charts but also mostly about Techniques to dive deeper into the issue and heal using the best energy healing modalities and medicines such as:


  • Crystal Healing Therapy
  • Bach Flower Remedy
  • Chakra Healing Therapy
  • Emotion Code Therapy


  • The book contains 37 Charts which can be used in different ways for different healing techniques and dowsing methods presented.


If you love energy work and healing therapies, this book is for You. This is basically a workbook where you can start with an issue that you wish to heal and with the help of the dowsing charts, you investigate deeper into the matter and find the best remedy to effectively deal with the situation.

Throughout this book you will go through 9 parts where each part focuses on providing insights on how to use the healing therapies to squeeze the maximum juice.


  1. The first part is about energy medicines where you are directly taken on a journey to explore your dreams as well as the blocks and work your way out using 37 dowsing charts to heal the matter energetically.


  1. The second part is about Crystal Healing Therapy where you find dowsing charts to find the most suitable crystal for protection, manifestation and healing for you.


  1. The third part is about Healing the Home where you find charts to understand where the negative energy is located as well as what is needed to correct the energy flow.


  1. The forth part is about Insecurities in Life where you get charts on finding the areas where you most feel insecure as well as how to heal it from chakras and astral bodies.


  1. The fifth part is about Emotion Code Therapy where you get charts on how to locate an issue in a part of the body and release the block.


  1. The sixth part is about Chakra Healing Therapy where you find charts on locating blocks in a chakra as well as healing the chakra with a right crystal.


  1. The seventh part is about Bach Flower Remedy where you get charts on locating the emotional root cause of an issue and use commands to infuse the energy.


  1. The eighth part is about Authority, Power and Dominance where you find charts on where you are weak and losing the power and thus restore the energy with dowsing commands.


  1. The ninth part is about Healing from Bad Situations where you find charts on healing the past and clearing the energy to neutralize the pain and make peace.


With this book, you can use the dowsing charts on any issue that is troubling you and find insight on how to break the issue and develop strength through energy medicines and Healing therapies.


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