Dowsing for Beginners

dowsing for beginners

Dowsing for Beginners - A complete Dowsing Course on Self Healing and Inner Work with 12 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets


Pendulum healing is an ancient technique used to enhance human well-being. By using a Pendulum you can clear your energy field of all negative vibes and thus can effectively manifest your higher good. Dowsing is an ancient art of using a pendulum to access your sacred intuitive wisdom and hidden dormant psychic powers. The pendulum can be your guide to find your Divine Psychic Gifts and Channel Positive Spirits.

Pendulums were used by ancient cultures for divination for thousands of years but it's more popular than ever. And for good reason! Pendulum Dowsing is now used for everything from Divination to Energy work. This book is a complete guide on Dowsing for Beginners, for learning the alchemy of transmutation and on how to use a pendulum for Inner Work and Manifestation.


This book will help you to:


  1. Unlock your Power to heal by mastering Energy Healing with Pendulum Alchemy.
  2. Unlock the power of the pendulum to manifest your desires and heal your body.
  3. Connect with it, allow it to guide you, and put its power at your disposal
  4. Get clarity on your life, fix problems, improve relationships, and understand spiritual connections.
  5. Find solutions and answers to questions that have been nagging at you for years.
  6. Find where you are on the career ladder to what's wrong with your pet, this book will help you make sense of all the chaos around you.
  7. Balance your inner and outer energies, become a Master Dowser, and help others do the same!


You will also find 12 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets to heal and empower your existence


  1. Goal Setting Worksheet
  2. High Self Worth Protocol
  3. New Beginnings Worksheet
  4. New Year Healing Worksheet
  5. Complete Self Healing Worksheet
  6. Status of Business Worksheet
  7. Boundaries in Relationships Worksheet
  8. Energy Clearing Pendulum Protocol
  9. Transforming Loss into Profits Worksheet
  10. Pendulum Commands to get your cups full
  11. Simple Commands to Build your Life
  12. Dowsing for Mental Health Worksheet


This book consists of 3 parts.


  1. The first part is entirely about Dowsing for Beginners Course.
  2. The second part consists of 12 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets
  3. The third part is about My Personal Experience about how and why one becomes a Dowser


Every day we're faced with difficult decisions, life-changing moments, and the feeling of being lost. With this book ’12 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets’, you'll be able to take control and take charge upon all the areas of your Life with great Confidence, Clarity and Purpose.

Let’s start the Journey…


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