Past Life Dowsing

past life dowsing

Past Life Dowsing - A complete Self Help Workbook on Past Life Healing Dowsing Technique for deep Shadow Work with 21 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets


This book is about Exploration of Inner Wounds, Old Triggers, Subconscious Blocks, Toxic Patterns, Limiting Beliefs, Shadow Work and Energy Healing. The purpose of this book is to help you investigate your psyche of all the spaces that are wounded and damaged. So this book is here to help you bring light onto those dark matters and free you from unconsciously manifesting those things into reality and thus liberate you from unwanted sufferings.

This book is divided into 5 parts all leading to Past Life Healing Worksheets so as to make you aware and open about your wounds and help you get clues on what you need to heal and what is ruining your life from behind the scenes.



  1. Past Life Healing Worksheet
  2. Emotional Blockages of Past Worksheet
  3. Negative Patterns of Past Worksheet
  4. Unhealed Event of Past Worksheet
  5. Unresolved Trauma from Past Worksheet
  6. Bad Decisions of Past Worksheet
  7. Loss of Worth in the Past Worksheet
  8. Psychological Disorders Worksheet



  1. Energy Healing Protocol for Self Care
  2. Life Transformation Worksheet
  3. Stop Bitter Experiences Worksheet
  4. Heal Inner Wounds Worksheet



  1. Awakening through Trauma Worksheet
  2. Heal the Trauma Response
  3. Clearing Patterns of Abuse



  1. Spiritual Awakening Worksheets
  2. Transmute Toxic Fears into Divine Light
  3. Checklist of 64 issues to clear
  4. Heal a Terrifying Situation Worksheet



  1. Working on Future Events
  2. Good Time, Space & Energy Worksheet


When you know your hidden enemies that is where you can begin to win the game as the enemy is exposed and you can stop them from damaging your life. The enemy is only strong and powerful if it stays hidden and out of your sight. Once it gets into your eye you can defeat it with the help of right set of tools.

There is a saying that “We are our own worst enemy” is true because we deny our reality and suppress our true feelings for the fear of being knocked down and humiliated. We let our thoughts control our life and beliefs keep us stuck in old patterns.

In part 1, You will get tools to heal your past and work on turning your enemies into your biggest ally. Ally means a person who helps and supports you especially when other people are against you. Now who doesn’t want this kind of blessing in disguise? Disguise means an apparent misfortune that eventually has good results in your favor.

You can have misfortunate events in life but that doesn’t have to knock you down. This can be the point of breakthrough that you may have been seeking all your life.

With the techniques and protocols presented in this book, you will not only learn about Dowsing but also about various ways you can reclaim your worth and put yourself back together.

Healing is a gift. When you heal yourself, you heal your world experience. And to heal yourself, you have to heal your past, your roots and your point of trauma where you lost your worth and power.

The past is where you have lost something and what is also known as a pending karma. Until you correct the mistake and reclaim your power you will always find yourself stuck and defeated.

To work with the past means to work with the shadow and go within to discover the gold that you missed on the journey. The future depends on the past just the way the fruits depend on the seeds.

The purpose of past life healing is to go back in time and replace the seeds so it can bless you with the desired fruits that you wish to eat in the present and future. What you saw is what you reap.

The fruits that you are eating today is the result of past accumulated karma.

Now let’s jump into our sacred Past Life Healing work and bless our Soul.


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