Energy Medicine Dowsing

energy medicine dowsing

Energy Medicine Dowsing - A Spiritual Empowerment Workbook and Step by Step Guide to Enlightenment with 37 Pendulum Dowsing Charts


Pendulum Dowsing is an art of using the movement of a Pendulum to determine if the energy is positive or negative.


  • When the Pendulum moves in clockwise or vertical direction, it is a sign of yes or say positive energy


  • And when it moves in anticlockwise or horizontal direction, it means no or an indication of negative energy present.


When we dowse, we look for the signs positive and negative to determine the state of the problem at an energy level.



  • This book is not just about Dowsing Charts but also mostly about Techniques to dive deeper into the issue and heal using the best energy healing modalities and medicines such as:


  • Crystal Healing Therapy
  • Bach Flower Remedy
  • Chakra Healing Therapy
  • Emotion Code Therapy


  • The book contains 37 Charts which can be used in different ways for different healing techniques and dowsing methods presented.


If you love energy work and healing therapies, this book is for You. This is basically a workbook where you can start with an issue that you wish to heal and with the help of the dowsing charts, you investigate deeper into the matter and find the best remedy to effectively deal with the situation.

Throughout this book you will go through 9 parts where each part focuses on providing insights on how to use the healing therapies to squeeze the maximum juice.


  1. The first part is about energy medicines where you are directly taken on a journey to explore your dreams as well as the blocks and work your way out using 37 dowsing charts to heal the matter energetically.


  1. The second part is about Crystal Healing Therapy where you find dowsing charts to find the most suitable crystal for protection, manifestation and healing for you.


  1. The third part is about Healing the Home where you find charts to understand where the negative energy is located as well as what is needed to correct the energy flow.


  1. The forth part is about Insecurities in Life where you get charts on finding the areas where you most feel insecure as well as how to heal it from chakras and astral bodies.


  1. The fifth part is about Emotion Code Therapy where you get charts on how to locate an issue in a part of the body and release the block.


  1. The sixth part is about Chakra Healing Therapy where you find charts on locating blocks in a chakra as well as healing the chakra with a right crystal.


  1. The seventh part is about Bach Flower Remedy where you get charts on locating the emotional root cause of an issue and use commands to infuse the energy.


  1. The eighth part is about Authority, Power and Dominance where you find charts on where you are weak and losing the power and thus restore the energy with dowsing commands.


  1. The ninth part is about Healing from Bad Situations where you find charts on healing the past and clearing the energy to neutralize the pain and make peace.


With this book, you can use the dowsing charts on any issue that is troubling you and find insight on how to break the issue and develop strength through energy medicines and Healing therapies.


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