Crystals and Chakras

crystals and chakras

A Dowsing Guidebook on Manifesting with Crystals and Chakras


It is through the energy that we influence and change all the things. It is through the energy that we judge and predict events. It is through the energy that we read and interpret a message. All Energy is a form of communication.

We communicate through our energy whether we speak it out or we send the energy out through our thought-forms. We are always communicating whether in a conscious state or a dream state to the world around us. We influence and bring about changes to the world through our Vibration and Frequency of energy.

Any change in energy leads to change in the events and conditions of the life ahead. The secret is to learn how to change the energy of things and events in the present. This book will help you get the necessary tools and techniques to change the energy of things and events of your past so you can be free of your toxic baggage and negative karmic load.

When we change our energy, things change too, relationships change as well, everything changes to match the reality of our Self Awareness. It is therefore very important to do energy work and energy work is done by clearing old stagnant toxic energy from the energy body and bringing in new active healthy energy.

It is also like removing non beneficial energy from the energy system and drawing in beneficial energy. If there is beneficial energy, things will be effortless and smooth. If the energy is toxic, things will be damaging and painful to bear.  Since ancient times a lot of importance is placed around chakra healing work. This is because chakras are the link to our non physical body and our external world.

If the chakras are clogged, the flow of universal life force energy gets restricted and this manifests into troubles for an individual. If the chakras are healthy, it pulls in the life force of the universe which is essential for our survival. The more the life force energy, the higher the consciousness level and the higher the consciousness level, the more the success and freedom in life.

To live an enlightened life one has to do the required energy healing and transformation work. There are many energy healing techniques, tools and materials available to modify and change one’s life. Out of all the energy medicines and energy healing modalities, crystal healing, chakra healing and pendulum healing are pioneers and forefronts in the healing world because of the ability to solve the problem from its root.

This is a holistic approach to solving the problems that life presents.  To heal means to solve the problem at the energy level. To manifest means to create the solution at the energy level. Crystal healing, Pendulum Healing and Chakra Healing work is about working with the energy of your past, present and future to solve your issues and bring radical change and transformation.

With this book in your hand, you are in the frequency to take charge and control upon the events and conditions of your life by becoming the masters and leaders to influence and promote changes.


By the end of this book, you would be a master in:


  1. How to work with a Crystal, Chakra and a Pendulum,
  2. How to choose the Right Crystals for Healing,
  3. How to clear your chakras with a Pendulum,
  4. How to manifest a Goal with a Crystal,
  5. How to clear money blocks from the Chakras

and much more


This dowsing guidebook on manifesting consists of:

  1. ·         A little bit of Pendulum Healing
  2. ·         A little bit of Crystal Healing &
  3. ·         A little bit of Chakra Healing


Through the Pendulum, Crystals and Chakra Work you will achieve the following:

  1. ·        Get rid of current bothering situation
  2. ·         Relief from post traumatic stress disorder
  3. ·         Match your frequency with future goals


This is a book about Spirituality and it will help you to:

  1. ·         Connect with your inner power and source
  2. ·         Channel the wisdom of your soul and merge with the universal spirit
  3. ·         Unlock hidden dormant potential and make the best of your talents


This Journey will teach you and guide you to take complete power upon your life in all areas.

Let’s get Started…


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