Astrology Dowsing

astrology dowsing

Astrology Dowsing - A Self Help Guide to Unblock Palm Chakras, Activate Kundali, Heal Mahadasha, Clear Unfinished Past Life Karma, Heal Motherwound and Transform Life


Whether it is Astrology or Dowsing, they are indeed a form of divination and prediction tool. Through this book you will understand the connection between Dowsing and Astrology as well as how you can use Astrology to correct the energy in your birthchart and lifepath with the help of Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets.


  • At the time of our Birth, there is a certain pattern in the sky which forms our destiny and how one by one our life will unfold over time. Astrology is a very potent tool to know what is coming next. If you are aware about the coming period, you can manage and play safe accordingly.


  • We study astrology not out of blind faith or to put our destiny in someone else’s hand. It is to be aware about the changes that are about to take place so we can adjust, mange and use it to our benefit. This book will help you in million ways to heal your Past, Present and Future.


There is a concept of Karma. It is about what we do comes back to us sooner or later. It is simply what we saw is what we reap.  So just know that what all happened up until now is a pattern and a seed that was sown in the past in the form of action and karma. What we get today is the fruit of that seed.


  • Through Dowsing, You take things in your hand. You become the master of your life and your destiny. You become conscious enough to know your worth and your power to impact a change in the world and all around you. You are no longer playing a game of a victim but of a creator and a path breaker.


  • Through Dowsing you can simply remove all that which you do not like and add all that which you desire the most. Through this book you will learn all you need to know about Dowsing and use the energy of planets and your birth chart to help heal many issues that you may not know are affecting you from many lifetimes.


  • This book is not an astrology book to learn about astrology but a dowsing book through which you will get the basic details about astrological influences and use dowsing worksheets to correct the imbalances. Here Astrology is used to find the blocks in your life and clear it with Dowsing.


This book consists of 15 Chapters on Astrological Healing through Dowsing Techniques and Commands.


  • How Astrology is connected to Dowsing?
  • Beginners Guide to unblock Palm Chakras
  • Numerology Healing 2021
  • How to Activate your Kundali?
  • Coronavirus Astrology and Pendulum Healing
  • Dowsing Chart to be unaffected by harm
  • Predict and Heal Mahadasha results
  • 7 Questions to strengthen a weak planet
  • The gifts of 6th, 8th and 12th house
  • Heal the 8th house for life transformation
  • Heal the 12th house for Past Life Karma
  • Work with Saturn energy to manifest Moksha
  • Healing the Motherwound Worksheet
  • Strengthen Venus for Romantic Relationship
  • 21 Days Protocol for Brain Reboot


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