Aura Dowsing

aura dowsing

Aura Dowsing - A Chakra Healing and Divination Workbook to Cleanse, Purify and Transmute Energy Blocks into Spiritual Gold


Through this book You will not only learn about Pendulum Dowsing but also about how to clear the blocks in Life. Through Dowsing you can Change, Modify, Adjust, Transmute, Create and Manifest Anything. It is just a tool to redirect and reshape the patterns as per your desires and will.


  • We all are same and we all are connected to each other. This is how Life is and how the universe works through each of us to carry out its task. The universe is abundant in nature and is full of Joy, Prosperity, Wealth and all kinds of Riches. It is us who are ignorant and blocked to receive its gifts. But with the right knowledge and right tools we can conquer any obstacle on our way to Goodness and living a life of dignity and greatness.


  • When the vital flow of energy is blocked in us at a chakra level then everything in our life becomes a mess and a threat to our survival and then we become our own worst enemy and look at everything as a danger and abuse others to protect ourselves at any cost.


  • Through this book you will learn the importance of chakra and how it plays a major role in shaping our life events and conditions. All problems begin at a chakra level and when the chakras are healed and balanced, it results into ideal conditions for Life to Flourish and Thrive.


  • You may never know why you have a repeated pattern or a nagging situation that doesn’t seem to leave but with this book you will be guided to look at your problems from a chakra point of view and with the help of Pendulum Dowsing resolve the issue before it has any place to manifest into reality as your truth.


This book is divided into 3 Parts each comprising of tools to clear, balance and transmute your Aura into Ideal State of Divinity.


Part 1: Aura Clearing

  1. Clear the Chakras with a Pendulum
  2. Clear Money Blocks from the Chakras
  3. Clear Relationship Chords from the Chakras
  4. Clear Subconscious Blocks to Self Love
  5. Clear Meditation Blocks to Spiritual Ascension


Part 2: Aura Balancing

  1. Correct Polarity Reversals in Energy Body
  2. Balance the 5 Elements in the Aura
  3. Use of Crystals as Energy Medicines


Part 3: Aura Transmutation

  1. Transmute Guilt Consciousness from the Chakras
  2. Auric Health Protocol for Energy Transmutation
  3. Transmute Life Problems into Gold


Whenever there is any kind of stress, it is an indication of discomfort and a scream for help. When You choose to honor and listen to your needs no matter how insignificant and small it looks, you choose to take responsibility for right actions to solve your concerns.


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