Dowsing Yoga – Turn Over A New Leaf with a Pendulum

Book Cover: Dowsing Yoga - Turn Over A New Leaf with a Pendulum

The whole world is your KARMA. You created this world and only you are responsible for how you experience your creation. If you don’t accept and realize this KARMA and the POWER you own in this world, you will waste all your energy, time and efforts onto something unconscious and at worse bring the most hazardous results through it. This will not only affect the life of others but yours too in the most negative way by limiting and binding you into your own self destructive, self loathing, self sabotaging habits. 

           In order to BREAKTHROUGH OLD PAST TRAUMA, you need to REDESIGN NEW PATTERNS OF LIFESTYLE by simply changing your VIEWS about the trauma. You may be living in a beautiful mansion in the most successful country but if your VIEWS on life are poor, it will never give you any happiness or satisfaction regarding your achievements and luxurious state of living.

          This is all fine if you are the type who doesn’t care or give a shit about anything and is comfortable in whatever condition or state of life you are in but this will backfire when you set up a new family or a new venture and are about to start a new positive life structure. And when you have children, you have way more responsibilities to give them a positive environment and a healthy lifestyle.

        We are all living in the mud trying to find a closure out so as to fix our life in whatever way possible. For that we do what we think might help us resolve and ease out the problems. We work and work hard in order to get rid of the issues that are bothering and limiting us. We do all the things in our might to access the power to remove all evils and harmful energies in our life. We want to love someone special deeply and completely and want to be loved the same way. What is now stopping this desire to take place is just the VIEWS we have about ourselves and the other person regarding being loved deeply and completely.

          Everything is VIEW BASED.  And if you can succeed in changing your views, you can definitely bring a change in the results.

          A person who has a lot of difficulty and remorse in finding true love has bad views about love and love partner. He also needs to work a lot on himself regarding being deserving of true love and being safe to love another deeply. If he has a painful view about love, he will only come across situations that strengthen his views. If he wants to really change his love life, he has no other way than to change the views about his love life. For this he needs to explore and work on the views about his love life.

          Our life depends on our VIEWS about it; good or bad whatever it is serves the purpose of our karma. The karma we create is based on how we view things in our life. If we view our world as a dangerous, hazardous place to be in, we create and manifest that energy into our reality. It is no big science to understand the law of attraction. We ATTRACT what we BELIEVE in. It is our VIEWS that make us believe and understand the thing as real. We always work according to our belief system.

          This book contains Targeted Affirmations and Dowsing Protocols that work to bring Instant Healing and Transformation in your Consciousness and Belief System. It is a way to finding ones Destiny through Self Inquiry and Benevolent Prayers that brings Positive Outcomes and Good Events. Through Dowsing we can stimulate change by adjusting the Belief System and creating a NEW PATTERN FOR LIFESTYLE.

            You can very well Shape a Life that Fits Well to Your Dreams. You can Balance and Create Your World of Dreams that feels more Powerful and Blissful to experience. The Purpose of Dowsing present in this Book is to make as many People Aware of this Truly Potent Enriched Gift of Dowsing that can Effectively Help them sort out their Issues and Trauma, henceforth giving Birth to more Freedom and more Positive Income.

          I invite all the Souls seeking for Strength, Mastery and Awakening to enter into the Divine Luxury of Self-Transmutation through this Book. Get prepared to take Control and Lead Your Life to the Highest Version. Here is something that is ready to Change Your Life Vision and Outcomes for Good.

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Dowsing Yoga: Turn over a new leaf with a pendulum

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