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dowsing yoga

Dowsing Yoga - Turn Over A New Leaf with a Pendulum

 A new leaf is the symbolic term for a new start, a fresh approach to a new method, accepting a new protocol for living and creating new beginnings that are wonderful and contrary to the old and the dead. Whether one has suffered a recent loss, had a career setback or simply decided one wasn’t happy with the way things have been going, it may be time to turn over a new leaf.

Dowsing Yoga is a book on dowsing everyday life issues and things that keep on repeating bad unwanted karmas. If you are looking for turning over a new leaf in life this is the right book for you for it contains the seed of good karma and good moksha.

Turn over a leaf with a pendulum is about using healing protocols to resolve, to correct, to improve, to amend, to optimize, to regulate, to repair, to arrange, to rectify, to comply, to better, to right and to find a remedy for a consistent nagging issue in life. Through the pendulum you can transform and change an old behaviour and mend your way. You can bring about a major change in your actions and attitude about life.

Our life depends on our VIEWS about it; good or bad whatever it is serves the purpose of our karma. The karma we create is based on how we view things in our life. If we view our world as a dangerous, hazardous place to be in, we create and manifest that energy into our reality. It is no big science to understand the law of attraction. We ATTRACT what we BELIEVE in. It is our VIEWS that make us believe and understand the thing as real. We always work according to our belief system.

In order to breakthrough old past trauma, you need to redesign new patterns of lifestyle by simply changing your VIEWS about the trauma.

This book serves a guide to turn over a new leaf in the life of all those who wish to start a new life and recover from shock and past abuse. Throughout this book you will find protocols from different areas that serve to put you in a state where you can very well turn over a new leaf in life and see the magic of your creation in front of you; all with the help of a pendulum.

In this Book You will find:

Part 1: Alchemy of Energy

  1. Sacred Geometry
  2. Spiritual Dowsing Gift
  3. Traditional Dowsing
  4. Creative Solution
  5. Dowsing Mechanism
  6. How to Dowse Energy
  7. Polarity of Life
  8. Dowsing Usage
  9. How Dowsing Works!
  10. Quantum Dowsing
  11. Dowsing Past Life
  12. Soul Energy Healing
  13. Money Dowsing
  14. Core Beliefs Dowsing
  15. The Views about Life
  16. Bad Karma Healing
  17. Subconscious Mind Dowsing
  18. Approval of Things


Part 2: Dowsing Protocols

  1. Clear the Energy
  2. Psychic Protection
  3. Connect to Higher Self
  4. Release Resistance
  5. Raise the Energy
  6. Raise the Consciousness
  7. Raise the Life force
  8. Raise the Vitality
  9. Raise the Immunity
  10. Balance the Energy
  11. Neutralize the Ill Effects
  12. Scramble the Frequency
  13. Transform the Problem
  14. Feelings of Being Small
  15. Receiving Payments
  16. Value In Life
  17. Be the Crown
  18. Repair the Image
  19. Change the Genes
  20. Strategy to Work
  21. Good Results
  22. Dosha Cancellation
  23. Saturn Things
  24. Supernatural Increase
  25. Receiving Favors
  26. Justice and Truth
  27. Commands

I invite all the souls seeking for strength, mastery and awakening to enter into the divine luxury of self-transmutation through this book. Get prepared to take control and lead your life. Here is something that is ready to change your life vision and outcomes for good.

I welcome you to explore the magic of pendulum and your subconscious life to turn over a new leaf effortlessly and in divine grace.


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