Manifestation Dowsing

manifestation dowsing

Manifestation Dowsing - The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing through 18 Pendulum Dowsing Techniques on Subconscious Intention Setting and Goals Manifestation Worksheets


The law of attraction is working all the time just like the law of gravitation which pulls things down to earth. The law of attraction is about attracting something that is on the same frequency, channel, wavelength, thinking and feeling of our being. We are always attracting things based on our energy vibration.


  • Every Thought, Emotion, Belief, Memory, Idea, Action and state of being has a frequency, a pattern, a condition and a vibration that brings together all other similar vibrating bodies and events so you experience your state of being and the level of your manifestation.


  • If you hold on to a negative thought and believe in it then it will bring people, energies, events, conditions and situations that reflect and mirror your beliefs as true to what you think it is. This is Quantum Science where the things we perceive depend purely upon our observation and perception.


  • We attract things based on how we think, feel and derive a meaning out of it. The universe mirrors our thoughts and tunes in to our vibration to support in our manifestation. Our Life is a taste of our own Medicine. What we think really matters so it’s vital to do all the healing work so as to naturally be in a positive state of frequency.


This book will help you Master your Manifestation Game and face your fears with courage and faith. The Power is in our Thoughts and Vibration and once you learn how to manipulate, twist and turn the energy in your favor, you understand Life, Creation and the art of Manifestation and the Gifts of Awakening.


This book contains 11 Dowsing Worksheets with 18 Dowsing Techniques on Healing, Manifestation and Empowerment.


  1. How Things Manifest in Life?
  2. Manifestation of Goals Worksheet
  3. 3 Questions to Boost your Manifestation
  4. 5 Step Manifestation Technique using Water
  5. Releasing Toxic Belief Worksheet
  6. Limiting Beliefs Worksheet
  7. 3 Healing Protocol for Mind Clearing
  8. Hypnosis Relaxation for Anxiety and Stress
  9. Release Negative Thoughts
  10. Subconscious Intention Setting
  11. Release all Resistance Worksheet


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