Money Dowsing

money dowsing

Money Dowsing - A Complete Financial Workbook with 50 Healing Techniques to generate Positive Cash Flow and Build an Ideal Career


We make a Living by offering our Services that are Good value for Money. Careers involve choosing a path where You can use your Strength and Potential to make a Living out of your Hardwork and Talents. Money is a byproduct of the essence you bring to the table. Careers make you hustle, grind and come up with your oil that is unique and precious.


  • And as you know choosing an ideal career is the heart of all abundance and financial freedom. When you are in a career that you love and enjoy the most, then you never get exhausted or drained. In pursuing your dream job you are filled with passion and enthusiasm which makes you come alive.


  • This book will help you find your ideal best career and clear blocks and negativity that stop you from living an ideal best Life. Mostly this book will help you understand your relationship with Money, Work and Self so that you can work on your fears, doubts and insecurities as well as find the courage and freedom to live an inspired life of greatness and dignity.


This book is divided into 4 basic parts


Part 1: Financial Goals Manifestation Worksheets

Part 2: Ideal Career and Ideal Business Worksheets

Part 3: Money and Career Healing Worksheets

Part 4: Money and Career Enlightenment Worksheets


It contains 16 Dowsing Protocols:


  1. Dowsing to Heal your Finances
  2. Dowsing for Money Worksheet
  3. Pendulum Healing Money Protocol
  4. SWOT analysis and IKIGAI technique
  5. Negative energetic patterns in career & finances
  6. 6 Relationship with Money and Self
  7. Ideal Relationship and Ideal Sales
  8. Step by Step Protocol for Money Problems
  9. Karmic Blockages to Abundance
  10. Earning Blocks & obstacles
  11. Offering good value for money
  12. Creating new pathways & foundation for money
  13. Money & career Enlightenment
  14. Find the right switchwords for money & career
  15. Consciousness of money and career and its effect
  16. Just one switchword to sell a property


It contains 50 dowsing techniques:


  1. Remove harmful energies, blockages & wounds
  2. Conscious & unconscious desire, will & action
  3. Cleanse, purify & transmute negative consciousness
  4. Status of your condition regarding money
  5. Uncreate, dissolve & release all problems about money
  6. “I am 100%” affirmations for installation
  7. Energy Medicine for Money
  8. Find your hidden strength and weapon
  9. What is your financial goal?
  10. Are you in alignment with your financial goals?
  11. Work on your core beliefs
  12. Your goals reveal your wounds & unmet needs
  13. What is your place in this world?
  14. Check the level and state of swot and ikigai
  15. Dowsing protocol for swot and ikigai
  16. Self inquiry and divine healing
  17. Clear and remove negative patterns
  18. Dowsing commands for career and finances
  19. Cleanse, purify & transmute financial relationship
  20. Shift and transform negative beliefs about self
  21. Shift and transform negative beliefs about money
  22. Dowsing commands to clear negative relationship
  23. Attracting an ideal relationship
  24. Attracting an ideal sales
  25. Dowsing statement to stop negative thoughts
  26. Money blocks and lack of money issues
  27. Detect and heal negative money flow
  28. Detect the root of money issues
  29. Create positive channels for money
  30. Turn yourself into money magnet
  31. Heal all unconscious parts that reject money
  32. Dowsing protocol to release blockages
  33. Self inquiry for money and work
  34. Energy healing protocol for earning good money
  35. Dowsing commands to raise the value
  36. Affirmations to increase business value
  37. Clear financial blocks in chakras
  38. Foundation for positive money flow
  39. Heal and correct negative experiences about money
  40. Check the condition and state of money and career
  41. Money enlightenment in spiritual careers
  42. Switchwords that work for you to attract money
  43. Check the consciousness level of switchword
  44. Check the consciousness level of money and career and its effect
  45. Switchword affirmation healing to raise the conscicousness
  46. Switchword affirmation for money magic
  47. Using switchwords to heal imbalances
  48. Dowsing questions for choosing the right switchword
  49. Working on unconscious desires
  50. Enlightenment affirmations for income, money and overall prosperity


With the dowsing protocols and pendulum healing techniques presented in this book, you will be guided all the way to clear all your stress about Money and Career.


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