New Age Dowsing

new age dowsing

New Age Dowsing - The Self Help Guide to Tarot Cards, Akashic Records, Soul Retrieval, Inner Child, Reiki, EFT, Healing Frequencies, Mokshapatta, Lemon Witchcraft, Liver Detox and Metaphysical Pain Healing with 20 Pendulum Dowsing Techniques


The New Age is an Indigenous Spiritual Movement and a Hippie Bohemian Language that combines ancient wisdom with modern day popular wellness practices. It’s a cocktail of Metaphysical and occult practices, beliefs, modalities and therapies that lead to beneficial outcomes and strengthen and amplify the healing and manifestation process.


  • There is a lot of untapped potential in any healing modalities and when combined with other powerful techniques the power is channelized and used in a convenient and comfortable way.


  • During the 1980’s the mass consciousness started to turn towards various unconventional spiritual and therapeutic practices which is termed as the ‘New Age Movement by sociologist.


  • The New Age Movement is for Spiritual Gangster and is kind of a Spiritual Supermarket where you get to pick up therapies that suit and yield results. You also mix it with other therapies and come up with a new one which was not present before. The ultimate Goal is Peace, Happiness, Enlightenment and Highest Potential for Growth, Healing and Manifestation.


  • Nature is Sacred. Spirituality is Divine, The Universe is Magical. There is room for everything that you can believe, perceive or think about. There are many worlds and thus the limit is only in the mind and that you set on yourself. The heart of inner work is to balance your energies and regain your spirit.


  • We are Human Beings with Psychic Powers and Hidden Potential which is activated through Psycho Therapeutic Interventions, Inquires and Experiments. There are many Healing and Mystical Practices such Yoga, Meditation, Tarot, Astrology, Reiki, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Bach Flower Essence, Affirmative Prayer, Body Work, Chakra Healing, Dowsing, Magnet Therapy, Feng Shui, Light Therapy, Psychic Surgery, Quantum Healing etc


  • The New Age is a movement leading to Self Improvement, Transformation and Enlightenment.


This book consists of 12 Dowsing Worksheets with 20 Pendulum Dowsing Techniques for Healing and Manifestation Work


  1. Tarot Cards Healing Worksheets
  2. Akashic Records Healing Worksheets
  3. Soul Retrieval Healing Worksheets
  4. Inner Child Healing Worksheets
  5. Reiki Healing Worksheets
  6. Emotional Freedom Technique Worksheets
  7. Crystal Healing Worksheets
  8. Healing Frequencies Worksheets
  9. Lemon and Water Healing Worksheets
  10. Mokshapatta Healing Worksheets
  11. Liver Cleansing Detox Worksheets
  12. Metaphysical Pain Healing Worksheets


You will also find Brain Stroke Recovery commands in this book in the Lemon and Water Healing Worksheet chapter. Through that you may also get an idea about what command to use to help someone in danger or in critical life and death situation.


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