Relationship Dowsing

relationship dowsing

Relationship Dowsing - A complete Self Rebuilding and Recovery Workbook on healing from Heartbreak, Divorce and Emotional Abuse with 16 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets


We live in a world where we look for happiness in a relationship and job and everything. Our world is shattered and devastated when we find sadness and betrayal in those investments.

Yeah it’s all an investment of our mind, body, spirit and energy. When we build a relationship or career, we give our self and put us at a risk of being rejected and losing our self in the process.

The problems that we have are all a reflection of our unresolved emotional issues. We can face that in any way through our career, relationships or our surroundings. We can’t escape the lesson. It may come from anywhere.

This book is about Relationship Healing and also relates to healing the Career as well. Our career is also a relationship aspect.

How we handle and deal with relationships is the key. Mostly we are good in relationships with others because we can put on a fake mask and pretend to be nice on the surface. But in our intimate relationships like that which we have with our parents, siblings, ex lovers, husband or a friend, we are real and open. And this is where we face serious issues when we realize they have cheated, betrayed, broken our trust, left us, abandoned us or played with us.

But all of this issues are our own rather then they doing this to us. When we heal these issues, our intimate romantic relationships bloom and feel secure from within.

This book is about Healing from all sorts of relationship issues. And ultimately it will also help to find a positive closure so as to attract and synergize with Ideal Relationships and Partnerships.

This book is divided into 16  sections each consisting of dowsing protocols and techniques to help you clear as much junk data as possible and establish new patterns and vital conditions for new relationships to flourish.


  • Unrequited Love Worksheet
  • Abandonment Issues Worksheet
  • Karmic Blockages Worksheet
  • Divorce Recovery Worksheet
  • Get over an Ex Worksheet
  • Blocked on Social Media Worksheet
  • Breakthrough Toxic Relationship Worksheet
  • Relationship Compatibility Worksheet
  • Abusive Relationships Patterns Worksheet
  • Manifest Peaceful Relationships Worksheet
  • Create Ideal Reality Worksheet
  • Energy Balance Worksheet
  • Clear Blocks and Problems Worksheet
  • Stagnant Energy of Past Worksheet
  • Self Love and Self Care Worksheet
  • Relationship Condition: in love or in Pain



From this book you will be able to

  • Move on from a toxic attachment to ex
  • Get relief from the trauma of divorce
  • Attract an Ideal Spouse or Relationship
  • Heal and Balance a disturbed Relationship
  • Clear negative patterns and settle karmic issues
  • Clear chords on the chakras attached to past unhealthy relationships
  • Gain faith in Yourself and strengthen your relationship with self



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