Spin Your Life Right – Master the Art of Living with a Pendulum

Book Cover: Spin Your Life Right - Master the Art of Living with a Pendulum

Congratulations on your decision to invest in ‘Spin your life right”. This book will help you expand your practice of magic within the framework of esoteric healing and spiritual transformation.

           There are many ways to ‘SPIN YOUR LIFE RIGHT’ with a pendulum. Some books show you how to work with a pendulum but this book can also help to shield you from cruel people, bullies, bad luck, failure and all kinds of sufferings in life.

          Pendulum Art gives you a way to shift the odds, encourage coincidence and wrinkle reality to get the life you want. That’s why the name is ‘SPIN YOUR LIFE RIGHT” with a pendulum. With this art of living work you can create a spirit that will manifest the life you want to live.

          With the secrets of healing and transmutation, you create your life according to your true will. With dowsing craft you create a spirit yourself, using your mind, heart and soul, to serve your deepest needs. The spirit you create is born of your desire and your will and exists to fulfil your needs. This is the most personal magical transformation imaginable and when mastered, it can reward you with extreme pleasure, the power to create change and the ability to attract prosperity in all areas of your life.

          The spirits you create are of peace, prosperity, health, wealth, beauty and whatever you need in order to thrive in life. We are spiritual beings and we live based on the spirit we develop. On certain instances we breakdown and lose our spirit to live life wonderfully due to some traumatic conditions, failure, disturbing events or accidents that cause havoc and insecurities in life.

          This book is the spirit of peace that I have created so it can contribute to the world peace and humanity. This book will work to find its appropriate readers who wish to have peace with the condition of their life, who wish to have a quick fix solution to the drama and put an end to nagging blockages. The first thing you really need to do is to raise your peace level everyday as this is going to take care of your entire day, mood, life and conditions by creating balance. We can only have problems when we are not in peace.  

          This book is designed to spread peace all over the world and reach as many people who desire peace in their life but are clueless about how to create one.  This book will help and transform them into being a peaceful person, having a peaceful life and doing a peaceful work. It’s all about peace here.

          A child who has got sick or a mother who is depressed, a father who got fired from work or a brother who is unemployed, a sister who is going through bad marriage or a friend who is facing divorce, whatever the situation in life is the answer is TO MAKE PEACE with it. You can never be happy and enjoy all the riches until you make peace with your life and most importantly with yourself. This book will take you to a different level of living life carefree while still taking the control by spinning your life right from the top level.

          I activate and transform the energy of this book into the most appropriate energy to provide peace to my readers. I ask all and any contrary energies be brought into terms and conditions to have peace in their life. I bless and charge this book with the spirit of peace. I let this spirit of peace flow all over the world and turn the world into a peaceful place to live and enjoy life.


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