Spiritual Dowsing

spiritual dowsing

Spiritual Dowsing - A Book on Life Story Healing Therapy for Spiritual Growth and Personal Power with 33 Pendulum Dowsing Techniques


Spiritually we are made out of joy and love by the higher source. When we are disconnected by our own source, we lose the natural pace of healing and find ourselves in trouble.


  • The problems won’t leave at all and it gets terrible day by day, creating a lot of stress and madness. These problems are nothing but blocks to our spiritual healing power. Any negative state of being and condition is a result of loss of Power and Dignity.


  • Any major problem will only take place if it has its root in the spiritual ground. An illness or a persistent nagging issue is an indication of the negative energy and its harmful effects. Spiritually it will compel you to work on it and clear the issue so as you can enjoy the fruits of your own holistic essence.


  • This book will help you master this Soul Lessons and help you rebuild Trust and Faith in Divine Spiritual Healing Powers. It will take you on a journey to creating a Good Life and Heal your Life Story so you can vibrate at the Highest Level and feel Relaxed and in a state of Ecstasy and Divinity.


This book contains 17 Dowsing Worksheets with 33 Dowsing Techniques to help you regain your Spiritual Healing Power and Empower Your Life.


  1. Pendulum Healing using just a Question
  2. Divine Wisdom Healing Worksheet
  3. Dowsing Protocol for Life Story Healing
  4. Transmute Disgrace into Divine Grace
  5. Stop someone from sabotaging your Life
  6. Clearing Blocks to a Good Life Worksheet
  7. Healing Traumatic Memories Worksheet
  8. Heal your Home Worksheet
  9. Freedom from Pain of Life
  10. 40 Commands for Personal Power
  11. Manifest Good Life with Pendulum Healing
  12. Shift to High Frequency Worksheets
  13. Empower your Divine Subconscious Worksheet
  14. Setting up Subconscious Clues & Reminders
  15. Inner Joy and Happiness Worksheet
  16. How to heal others of Chronic Conditions
  17. How to create an Environment for Spiritual Growth


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