Work Your Way Out with a Pendulum

Book Cover: Work Your Way Out with a Pendulum

Dear Reader,

Are you feeling out of control over the events that are taking place in your life? Are you tired of the unresolved issues taking place over and over again? Are you dissatisfied with the things going on in your life and want to have a position to command and control your life situations?

          Do you feel overwhelmed and victimized by the people and surroundings that are unsuitable and mismatch for you and your potential? Do you wish to breakthrough old trauma and redesign new lifestyle? Do you want to get rid of a toxic person, place or thing, event, condition, pattern or situation? Do you wish to change and transform your life radically and miraculously? Do you want to build boundaries and grow your prosperity and abundance? Do you wish to raise your energy, frequency and vibration to the highest best level? Do you wish to be free from low frequency events, conditions, patterns, people and things? Do you want to craft a new life and get over old life and bad relationships?

          If the answer is YES, then this is the right book that you need in order to dig out the pattern that is responsible for your life situations and heal it from its root, core and point of origin so it has no ground to take place and your problem is solved by creating and birthing a new pattern that can benefit and serve your highest good and greatest joy. After all we are all the creators of our life.

In a nutshell, everything is connected and to your profit everything is transformed into something for your suitability and fit. If you bring change to one thing, it affects all other things and vice versa. Bringing all of these things into mutual understanding and agreement is the work we have to do so as to manifest our wish.

        The enemy is not on the outside but inside which tries to sabotage and limit your growth and prosperity. The moment you take responsibility to change and accept your power to change, the enemy no longer can attack or stay within. It will become powerless and dead.

         Through Pendulum dowsing, you can directly communicate and talk to your higher spiritual self and resolve the issue from behind the scene and resolve the issue creatively. Above all we are spiritual in nature and the moment we realize and tap into this resource, we can take advantage of our divine heritage and universal gifts that are waiting to be claimed, mastered and regained.

          You only need a high frequency setting to perform your tasks. When you wish to bring a change, you need to be in a high frequency consciousness of energy. Being at the High frequency in life is the key to achieving and being spiritual at the same time.

          The power is not in the pendulum but in the intention of the mind and the ability of the body to tap into the invisible field of energy at a subconscious level to access the information and draw healing energies to the body.




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