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Change and Transform into 100% Yes

Change and Transform into 100% Yes

When you feel neutral and don’t know where to start or where to begin the self development work, simply use this command “Change and Transform into 100% Yes” as your master command.

For that you may first need to ask a yes or no question for a belief and see if you get a positive reply or negative. If it is a “No”, then you simply use this command to change and transform it into a Positive Belief.

So here are some checklist on where all you can work upon some basic common issues.

Now ask this below questions with a pendulum and see if the response is positive or negative. Use the command to change the negative answer into a positive.

  • “Am I beautiful?”

Now once you ask a question regarding a particular thing, you may also need to work on similar corresponding issues such as

  • “Am I pretty?”
  • “Am I lovely?”
  • “Am I Gorgeous?”

They are like their siblings and friends. You need to work on as many areas as possible to derive the full benefit.

Now this was about external look n how you feel about it.

Similarly you can try to work on an issue that hurts you the most such as:

“Am I Happy?”

“Am I at Peace?”

“Am I enjoying My Life?”

“Am I cheerful?”

“Am I fully present in the now?”

“Am I Happy with My Past?”

“Am I Happy with My Present?”

“Am I Happy with My Future?”

“Am I free to take decision on My own?”

“Am I free to live My Life on My own terms and conditions?”

“Am I loved for who I am?”

“Am I loved for what I do?”

“Am I loved for the way I am?”

“Am I loved for being Myself?”

“Am I free to pursue My Goals?”

“Am I free to Live My Dreams?”

“Am I free to enjoy My Life?”

“Is My Life Good?”

“Am I blessed?”

“Am I at the right place with the right people?”

“Am I at the right time doing the right thing?”

“Am I getting right help, support and guidance at the right time?”

“Is everything balanced in My Life?”

“Am I in a perfect state of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Prosperity, Joy and Success?”

“Are all My needs met divinely?”

“Do I have the right to raise My voice against injustice and wrong?”

“Can I use My voice to enlighten others?”

“Is it safe for Me to speak My truth?”

“Is it safe for Me to be rich and successful?”

“Is it safe for Me to Love and be Loved back?”

“Is it safe for Me to have more fun and hang out with friends and loved ones?”

“Is it safe for Me to go out and explore the world?”

“Is it safe for Me to travel the world and enjoy the diversity?”

“Am I safe in My family and home?”

“Am I safe in the Groups and social gatherings?”

“Am I safe outside the home and comfort zones?”

“Is My future Good?”

“Am I supported by My friends and family?”

“Am I supported in My Career and Profession?”

“Is My career good?”

“Are My relationships Healthy?”

“Is My family safe and sound?”

“Is My Home Happy and Healthy?”

“Am I creative?”

“Am I talented?”

“Am I famous?”

“Am I rich?”

“Am I wealthy?”

“Is my Life Prosperous and Happy?”

“Do I have enough Money to meet My desires?”

“Am I earning enough Money to support My family and its need?”

“Am I a Good Spouse?”

“Am I a Good Mother?”

“Am I a Good Friend?”

“Am I a Good Human Being?”

“Am I Healed?”

“Am I clear of all past life issues?”

“Am I clear of all unresolved baggage?”

“Am I clear of all toxic events?”

“Am I clear of all negative circumstances?”

“Am I clear of all negative patterns?”

“Are all good things coming to Me?”

“Is Money coming to Me?”

“Am I attracting Money?”

“Am I attracting Healthy Positive Relationships?”

“Am I in the positive flow of Wealth and Riches?”

“Am I heading in the Positive Direction?”

“Am I succeeding in My Life?”

“Am I moving forward Happily?”

“Am I Happy with My Husband?”

“Am I Happy with My Child?”

“Am I Happy with My Life?”

“Am I Happy with My Work?”

“Am I Happy with My Body?”

“Am I Happy with My Self?”

In this way you can ask questions by purposefully picking up a topic and then check the energy.

When you get a no answer, you simply use this command “Change and Transform into 100% Yes” and change the energy for your higher good.

Keep transforming your energy and keep adding Yes to your Life’s greatest Gifts.

Thank You ❤️

Sending you love and light always.

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