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Clear Fear stored in My Body

Clear Fear stored in My Body

We have Past, Present and Future life. When we are not aligned and grounded in reality and present moment, we lose track and balance. This results into Fear, Anxiety and Panic attacks.

The heart of spirituality is to be grounded to your core knowing that you are safe, guided and blessed throughout your entire journey of Life.

When we are material, we tend to focus on the future and the things that we want to see in the future. And if you don’t see things going the way you want then it creates anxiety issues.

Similarly if someone is stuck in the past where something had been wronged or they made some mistake, then they suffer from fear.

In any way Fear and Anxiety can limit your growth as they restrict you and make you doubt yourself and your gifts.

If you constantly battle with anxiety, fear and Panic attacks it means you are not grounded fully to your spirit and that you are not at peace. Something has been disrupted, violated and abused. Or that something harmful has got into your body.

Here you can use pendulum dowsing to reduce the level of fear, anxiety and Panic attacks as well as to increase the level of peace, freedom and security.

“Reduce the level of fear to the lowest level”

“Reduce the level of anxiety to the lowest level”

“Reduce the level of panic attacks to the lowest level”

“Increase the level of Peace to the highest level”

“Increase the level of freedom to the highest level”

“Increase the level of security to the highest level”

To Me I find that just by increasing the level of peace, one can instantly reap the rewards and find ease in the situation they are dealing with.

I also see that every day you may encounter your fears in some form as if their is a tap and it is leaking. And when you don’t pay attention and repair it, it might be a problem if the tap is open and all the fears pour out at once.

We always live in a fear of something we fear happening in our life. Many people are living the life of their worst fears and trying to cope. Many are succeeding in living the life of their dreams.

The shortcut is to simply change the energy by reducing or increasing the levels of things you want.

The long road is to face your fears and shadows and own them. This way it will not harm you and be in your control. This takes a lot of heart, guts and courage to play with fire and darkness.

If you open the bag, many things will come out and this is why most people feel safe to carry the baggage rather than investigate and clear the issues.

If you avoid or ignore your pain and sufferings, it doesn’t go away. It simply gets delayed and projected on other people who then comes to give you a hard lesson.

Our fears are our darkness that we want to hide and run away from. The more it stays in the dark, the more it controls your life from the background.

The more you learn to face your fears with courage and confidence, the more you enlighten your life and find your gifts in those fears.

Fear is guiding you to light. It is telling you where you are losing your power, control and freedom.

To do the exercise you need to make a list of things, people, events, conditions and situations that you are most afraid of and which gives you anxiety. This is the place where you need to start doing your work of taking your powers back from all those people and situations.

Either you hunt or get hunted. This is same situation in real life. We battle with our inner demons. They do not give us freedom to chase our dreams. They keep us in fear and limitation and make us believe we are unworthy of what we want or desire or that we cannot have it.

This is nothing but fear talking. And when fear talks, it literally paralyzes the will and gets one into a trauma. This is why one should transform fear into willpower everyday for a comfortable easy life.

As you move on, fear will pour like a leaking tap. So when you keep on transforming your fears into something more positive, you learn to control things into your favor.

The energy of fear is massive and when you transform it into something else, you have more energy to achieve your dreams.

“Transform all fear of losing someone into blessing of having them”

“Transform all fear of being attacked into divine protection and security on all levels”

“Transform all fear of my wildest dreams into confidence and power to make it a reality”

“Transform all insecurities about my position into high self worth and high self esteem”

“Transform all anxiety and nervousness into healthy boundaries and comfortable skin”

“Transform all panic attacks into soothing senses and delightful experiences”

“Transform all threats and danger into good luck and positive opportunities”

You can turn the tables in your favour and right. Just keep a watch on how you feel and what makes you feel bad. Then transform that bad into something good that would make you feel good instead.

The power is literally in your hand waiting for you to learn the lesson and claim the gift. And when you don’t, the blessings simply get delayed and you go through hard lessons and unwanted drama.

The role of fear is to make you feel small. It’s the nature of fear to reduce your vibration and make you feel low. If you don’t know how to control this and shift the power then you live as a victim.

If you want to be the master of your life, you have to be in a position of power, control and authority and not allow anything from behind the scenes to dictate the script.

For that you have to be awake and keep a check on what is happening in your reality so you can stop that which you do not want to continue and promote that which you wish to expand.

You have millions of cells in your body. All of them are listening to you. If you hold fear, your body will behave according to the voice of fear.

If you have had some trauma, your body behaves according to the voice of trauma.

What you hold within unknowingly or unconsciously will reveal itself in all possible ways to get your attention and manifest your truth.

If you hold peace within, your body will behave as per the voice of peace.

Whenever there is disease in the body, it means their is some negative message that the body is revealing. Something negative is there within which needs attention.

Whenever there is something bad within, the life is at risk in many areas as the bad is controlling and in a position to rule your life.

If your career is suffering, you have something within you that is playing the negative script.

If may be shame, guilt or fear. This are the primary main emotions that can cause severe malfunctions.

“Please clear all shame I have within Me about My Life and transform it into something I can praise about My life”

“Please clear all shame about My work and transform it into pride, honor, status and respect for My work”

“Please clear all guilt I have about My choosen field of occupation and transform it into Huge rewards and higher achievements”

“Please transform all fear I have in My career and finances into unlimited source of income, huge financial gains and all round prosperity”

Your fear is telling one story about You. And so does every other emotion that you hold within. Your body is like a manifesting machine. Whatever you feed your body, it will produce in your life.

So remove all the negative thoughts, emotions, spirits and beliefs from your body and fill it with healthy thoughts, emotions, spirits and beliefs that can ultimately help you to create a better world experience rather than shock and hatred of being burdened.

“Remove all negative thoughts present or stored in my body and fill it with positive thoughts”

“Remove all negative beliefs present or stored in my body and fill it with positive beliefs”

“Remove all negative emotions present or stored in my body and fill it with positive emotions”

“Remove all negative spirits present or stored in my body and fill it with positive spirits”

“Remove all low frequency programs and data stored in my body and fill it with high frequency programs and data”

“Remove all low consciousness states present or stored in my body and fill it with high consciousness states”

“Remove all bad vibration conditioning present or stored in my body and fill it with good vibration conditioning”

“Remove all dark states of being present or stored in My body into supreme light states of being”

“Remove all trauma present or stored in My body and fill it with empowerment”

Its time to say goodbye to old stagnant low vibration energy and say hello to new vital high vibration energy. Take the leap and dwell in positive states of being.

Thank You ❤️

Sending you love and light always.

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2 thoughts on “Clear Fear stored in My Body

    • What are those sentences and how do you work thru fear with pendulum dowsing ?

      • These sentences are called Pendulum Commands or Dowsing Statements that act as a Remedy, Solution and Affirmative Healing to change and shift the negative patterns into positive ones.

        Pendulum Dowsing works with intent. When you hold the pendulum in your hand and say a command, you put out an intent and so your body reacts to this new change in your consciousness and being because of which the pendulum starts to move.

        The pendulum will first move in anti clockwise direction if there are any blockages, resistances and negative patterns to the affirmative statement / intent / desire. When it has cleared the energy, it will shift and move in clockwise direction which is the sign of balance and harmony.

        When the positive belief is installed in your vibration and being, it will move in vertical direction which is the sign of alignment and activation.

        When the work is done and complete, it will stop moving.

        To check the state of healing you can ask the question again or say the command again, if it moves it still has some healing and transformation work left to be done and it will do it naturally when you let the pendulum do it for you

        When you are vibing with the said thoughts and commands, you will see the pendulum acts neutral as it has achieved the goal.

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