Master Commands
“Cover Me, Surround Me and Fill Me”

“Cover Me, Surround Me and Fill Me”

“Cover Me with Positive Energy, Surround Me with Positive Energy and Fill Me with Positive Energy.”

“Cover Me with Light, Surround Me with Light and Fill Me with Light.”

As you know light and positive energy are the key to getting into high vibration and consciousness state.

Once you are positive, everything can get managed. When you are full of light, you can get things done easily and gracefully.

The problems in life are mainly because of darkness and negativity. You may be positive thinker but surrounded by negative mindsets who do not allow you to prosper and expand your energy.

You can also be a victim of evil eyes or jealousy and got some negativity attached to your aura. You may also have some empty spaces within you that makes you feel sad and bad for no reasons.

All these issues are energy issues. If there is light and positive there is expansion and growth. If there is darkness and negativity there is restrictions and fear.

Use this command as much as possible and mostly when you get up in the day and go to sleep at night. This will entirely turn your day into your favor.

“Cover Me with Good Energy, Surround Me with Good Energy and Fill Me with Good Energy.”

“Cover Me with Good Spirits, Surround Me with Good Spirits and Fill Me with Good Spirits.”

“Cover Me with Goodness, Surround Me with Goodness and Fill Me with Goodness.”

“Cover Me with Happiness, Surround Me with Happiness and Fill Me with Happiness.”

“Cover Me with Prosperity, Surround Me with Prosperity and Fill Me with Prosperity.”

“Cover Me with Love, Surround Me with Love and fill Me with Love.”

“Cover Me with Abundance, Surround Me with Abundance and Fill Me with Abundance.”

The secret of attraction and manifestation is to resonate and vibrate with the energy that you wish to attract and see in your life

Fill yourself with the best energy and watch how your aura changes.

You can also experiment with colored light and see how it affects you.

“Cover Me with White Protective Light, Surround Me with White Protective Light and Fill Me with White Protective Light.”

“Cover Me with Green Healing Light, Surround Me with Green Healing Light and Fill Me with Green Healing Light.”

You can give a name to the light so it doesn’t have any negative effect.

Use this command “Cover Me, Surround Me and Fill Me with bright light” whenever you head out for some important work or for some tours.

It is great to have positive vibes to make sure everything is organised.

Also you can use this command for other areas such as:

“Cover My body with light, Surround My body with Light and Fill My body with Light”

“Cover My Soul with light, Surround My soul with light and fill my soul with light”

“Cover My mind with light, Surround My mind with light and fill my mind with light”

“Cover My Home with light, Surround My Home with light and fill my home with light”

“Cover My Car with light, Surround My Car with light and fill My car with light”

“Cover My job with light, Surround my job with light and fill my job with light”

“Cover My business with light, Surround my business with light and fill my business with light”

“Cover My heart with light, Surround My heart with light and fill my heart with light”

“Cover My skin with light, Surround My skin with light and fill my skin with light”

“Cover My cells with light, surround my cells with light and fill my cells with light”

“Cover my DNA with light, Surround My DNA with light and fill My DNA with light”

“Cover My actions with light, Surround My actions with light and fill my actions with light”

“Cover My emotional body with light, Surround My emotional body with light and fill my emotional body with light”

“Cover my mental body with light, surround my mental body with light and fill my mental body wih light”

“Cover My child with light, Surround My child with light and fill my child with light”

“Cover My family with light, Surround My family with light and fill my family with light”

“Cover My future with light, Surround My future with light and fill my future with light”

“Cover My past with light, Surround My past with light and fill my past with light”

“Cover My present with light, Surround My present with light and fill my present with light”

Thank You ❤️

Sending you love and light always.

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