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Dowsing for Trauma Detox

Dowsing for Trauma Detox

Okay! So we all carry past traumatic painful disturbing memories and difficult situations of past conditionings. And this all keeps repeating until we change the pattern and dynamics. And this post is about how to condition this scenarios and give birth to a better world.

My expertise is in Dowsing and so all the knowledge that I have revolves around healing and transforming all the things through dowsing with a Pendulum. This website is dedicated to creating awareness on life changing methods and techniques through Pendulum Dowsing.

Now coming to Trauma Detox! Today I want to emphasize on fighting the toxicity that gets on to our nerves and keeps us in shock, trauma, fear, guilt, shame or helplessness.

So what is Trauma?

Trauma can be of anything, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

  • When it is physical, it is an injury to some body parts such as hemorrhage or any accident that looks like a threat or deadly state.

  • When it is emotional, it is due to an injury to your emotional being such as “feelings of being loved or feeling worthy” is put to danger. We often get in trauma when someone rejects or insults us. This is because it hurts our emotional being.

  • When it is mental, it is due to attacks on your belief system or being unable to protect or defend your ideas and truth. We feel traumatized around people who strongly oppose our ideas and decisions and does not allow us space and freedom to be ourselves and do our thing in our own way.

  • When it is spiritual trauma, it is an attack on our connection to our divine source and supply. Depression and anxiety is a situation of spiritual trauma. In this state we feel we are disowned and lost. We feel unwanted and unsafe.

Now whatever kind of trauma it is, generally it is all part of your whole being and sooner or later you will come to awaken it and feel it’s dominant presence. And if you have worked on yourself and detoxing this trauma bonds then you are free to chill and enjoy the beauty of life. But if you have not yet mastered any art of healing and manifesting then it can give a very hard time to escape when another traumatic thing takes place.

Usually one trauma is linked to another trauma and it is like a whole world of experiences. When we ignore the spiritual trauma, we are at a high risk and an alarming situation of being vulnerable to physical, mental and emotional trauma. Something bad happens such as loss, debt, defeat, poverty and anything that can make you experience the effect of what all is going on inside your mind, body and spirit at an energy level.

The good news is god is not cruel or not our enemy. He is not there to punish us or teach us a lesson. We are our own gods and the moment we understand and began to practice it, the more responsible and aligned we become to our divine truth and existence.

Trauma is about disturbance and Healing is about Balance. Evil is about killing and Divine is about Healing. There are two sides of the spectrum. One is high and the other is low. One is strong and the other is weak. One is rich and the other is poor. Now the thing is Trauma is on the side where it is negative and Healing is on the side where it is positive. Now in order to heal we always have to move and shift from a state of pain and intense suffering to the side where it is a state of relief, relaxation and joyfulness.

Now in this world it is so hard to be happy with just all the material things because they don’t guarantee lifetime happiness and permanent bliss. This is an inner work and we have to consciously reform our selves into the best version of our self inoder to continuosly be in a state of growth and thus reap the rewards of awakening and enlightenment.

So now what is Detox?

Detox is the process of elimination of waste and all the toxicity that is of no use and does not serve our higher good. If this toxicity and waste stays inside for long the it becomes the root of all illness and imbalance.

And now what is Trauma Detox?

Trauma has its own world. The world which is full of beliefs, thoughts, memories, ideas and things that support its foundation. Now no one hopes to ever go through any traumatic thing. Yeah we all hope to experience the best of life but trauma is the worst that one can have. And this trauma doesn’t come out of nowhere, it has its own root, existence and foundation and in all lifetimes we do not even get the opportunity or awareness to be enlightened about it. If you are here reading this post, know that you have reached a place where you are aware spiritually or else you may not find it.

Trauma Detox is about breaking this world of trauma so you are not subjected to be a victim of any unfortunate events and conditions. Trauma is formed by things that are trapped. When one bad thing happens and if we are unable to let it go then it gets trapped in our consciousness and mind, body, soul. Eventually we feed it by thinking about it all the time and nourish it by adding more stuff that match it’s vibration. Eventually it starts to grow and spread all over. All this happens unconsciously.

According to law of attraction we attract things that we think about all day long. Now if one has gone through a trauma, it is impossible to not think of it or ignore it as the damage is huge and we cannot afford to behave as if nothing has gone wrong. And even if we do our body will then take revenge on us for putting up with all the shit. If we are feeling bad we have to sit with it and let it have its voice to the point where it feels safe and heard and is able to find its balance and calm. If we ignore such drama then it may find other ways to talk to us probably by giving us a long term sickness or setback.

The bottomline is out trauma needs our attention and what is most important is to be able to handle it with grace and take it to a place where it no longer feels threatened and violated. And when we do this the trauma becomes our friend and protects us from all the bad events we would have otherwise manifested unconsciously because of its presence.

How to detox the trauma?

Any bad thing that happens is a key to know what the trauma is all about. Anything bad that happens is a type of trauma.

Now we may not have any trauma in the present moment and everything may be running smoothly but you should watch out for the triggers and anything that disturbs you cos that is a link to detox your trauma.

Watch out where you get angry, what makes you mad, what makes you irritated, depressed, lonely and all the sad sobe story. It needs to be heard. It is your story and you have to pay attention to how it is affecting your life.

You have to continuosly eliminate all the things that does not serve your higher good. We are continuously evolving and trauma is something that keeps us on hold and delays the process of evolution untill we regin our flow and balance.

Dowsing for Trauma Detox

Now here is a Dowsing Protocol to work on detoxing the Trauma bonds and states.

Take your Pendulum and ask the following questions.

  • Do I have any Trauma?
  • What percentage of Trauma do I have?
  • Is this trauma physical?
  • Is it mental?
  • Is it emotional?
  • Is it spiritual?

Now this questions will get you an insight about the state of your trauma. Furthermore ask the following questions to get deeper insight into its root.

  • Where is the trauma stored?
  • Is it in my mind?
  • Is it in my body?
  • Is it in my spirit?
  • Is it in my root chakra?
  • Is it in my sacral chakra?
  • Is it in my solar plexus chakra?
  • Is it in my heart chakra?
  • Is it in my throat chakra?
  • Is it in my third eye chakra?
  • Is it in my crown chakra?
  • Is it in my energy field?
  • Is it in my nervous system?
  • Is it in my psychology?
  • Is it in my psych?

Now check about other details

  • What is my trauma related to?
  • Is it money?
  • Is it job?
  • Is it relationship?
  • Is it career?
  • Is it childhood?
  • Is it children?
  • Is it spouse?
  • Is it marriage?
  • Is it married life?
  • Is it professional life?
  • Is it spiritual life?
  • Is it poor income?
  • Is it bad family?
  • Is it bad place?
  • Is it bad time?
  • Is it bad people?
  • Is it bad events?
  • Is it bad things?
  • Is it bad conditions?

Now whatever the trauma is, you have to detox it and fill the space left by it with something life enhancing such as something which was missing from your life because of that trauma. You have to replace that thing.

  • Remove all trauma (put the answer that you got from above questions such as body, chakra etc) and fill the space with health and longevity.

You can also check trauma based on the year it happened.

  • What is the percentage of trauma in the year 2020?

And with the answers from the above questions you can foam your individual healing statement such as

  • Please remove all spiritual trauma stored in my psyche related to money, relationships, spiritual life and bad times.

  • And fill the space with financial security, relationship security, spiritual life security and good times security.

You can also use some commands such as

  • Complete financial security
  • Complete relationship security
  • Complete spiritual life security
  • Complete good times security

Now you can check the question again and see if you have any energy of trauma left for clearing. If there is heavy energy then you may need to heavy clearing and if you are already an energy healer and have invested a lot of time in healing your wounds then you may get very less percentage of trauma as you do not have anything much to do.

Also anytime you feel triggered by some person, place, thing or event simply check if you have any past trauma related to it and clear it so it does not get to spread its root in you.

So all the best and keep up

Thank You ❤️

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