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Nervous System Healing

Nervous System Healing

Yes you heard it right. Nervous System Healing is the deciding factor to know if the healing is successful or still incomplete.

Our Nervous System is linked to our brain and muscle reactions. Dowsing too works with this relationship between the brain and muscles.

When we sense a threat or danger, our brain sends alarm and our muscles react accordingly. We then either get into fight, flight, freeze or fake mode.

  • Fake mode is when you suppress your emotions and pretend to be all okay and happy on the outside while on the inside you are dying and scared to death.

  • Fight mode is when you start getting aggressive and indulge in a fight to scare the opponent and beat the rival. It may also lead to unwanted disputes and legal battles.

  • The flight mode is when you avoid getting into a war and decide to run away from the problem or avoid it as much as possible. This makes you look like a losser, impotent or a lazy person.

  • The freeze mode is when you get into a shock mode and become numb and dead. This is also a way to avoid the potential harm and suffering on your way.

Now whatever way you choose to react, all of it is unhealthy and doesn’t serve you in the long run. Eventually you will be asked to hunt your demons and make peace with your life.

Healing the nervous system is all about finding peace in your senses. When you are in peace, you are in a state of joy and deep security. There is no threat, worry or impending doom to be concerned about.

Also the nervous system is designed to help you be aware about what is happening around you as well as in your mind, body and spirit.

To be comfortable in your skin also means to have strong healthy nervous system.

You can also say your nervous system is your Home. You live here. You do things from here. You make decisions based on this point. And you feel happy or successful only when this nervous system allows and cooperates with you.

If there is fear, trauma or any unprocessed emotions, your nervous system will seem to be like your own worst enemy.

In the law of attraction practice you are asked to affirm a positive thought and feel the emotions as if it has already happened.

Now this is where the magic won’t work as the nervous system will backfire as it doesn’t hold those emotions and beliefs.

For a healthy manifestation one needs to have supporting nervous system that not only accepts your command but also generates electricity that matches the new vibration of thoughts.

When the nervous system is healed, you feel calm and soothing aura around you. You also feel neutral to disturbances and distractions that would otherwise make you irritated, angry, mad or depressed.

Your calm is your superpower. When you are calm only then can you be gentle and kind. And when you are kind only then can you be grateful and at peace. And when you are grateful only then can you attract things, people, events and situations on that level of energy.

In most cases we attract people who mirror our unresolved trauma. This leads to trigger and untimely painful interactions where we blame and complain about the other party being rude and unjustified to us.

To attract the best people into your life, you have to be in the best energy. You should know the universe is great but still kind. The earth is so magnificent but still kind. All wonderful things are kind in nature. To have the best people in your journey you only need people who are kind to you otherwise how can they understand and forgive you for your mistakes and flaws.

In this post I want to strongly put a lot of emphasis on choosing to be kind as that is the frequency which can help you find people who are noble and good spirited.

When we are indulged in deep healing practices we often meet people who are very harsh and cruel as a part of our test as well as releasing energies that attract those things back.

When we choose to be kind, we start to attract those energies back and thus help heal our life.

Healing takes a lot of patience and support. When you are kind, your nervous system begins to adapt the new vibration and starts to heal the mistakes trapped in your body. This then makes it easy for you to forgive and let go.

You also have to learn to be kind to yourself and teach your mind to be kind to your body.

Our harsh judgements, self doubts and negative critics can do a lot more harm than we may ever realize. Being kind is the remedy. When you are kind only then you are compassionate and ready to transmute the pain into glory.

Because when you are on a frequency of being kind, you tend to see the beauty and regain trust in the universe to deliver all your goods.

So here is a dowsing protocol to heal and nourish your nervous system so it can be easy to work together and feel good about attracting your highest good.

  • Readjust, Recharge and Renew Nervous System Now
  • Heal, Repair and Rebalance My Nervous System
  • Clear and Release all stuck trauma and trapped fears in My nervous system
  • Change and transform My nervous system into a healthy and safe nervous system

  • Readjust, Recharge and Renew all the cells in My body Now
  • Readjust, Recharge and Renew all the parts of My being Now
  • Readjust, Recharge and Renew all the areas of my Life Now

You can also try out the affirmations with dowsing

  • I am kind
  • I attract kindness from all being
  • I am kind to myself
  • I am kind to others
  • I am kind to all beings
  • I choose kindness
  • I am known for my kindness
  • My body is kind to Me
  • My mind is kind to Me
  • My spirit is kind to Me
  • My soul is kind to Me
  • My life is kind to Me
  • My clients are kind to Me
  • My spouse is kind to Me
  • My children are kind to Me
  • My friends are kind to Me
  • My world is kind to Me
  • My universe is kind to Me
  • My God is kind to Me
  • My home is kind
  • My relationships are kind
  • My career is kind
  • My coworkers are kind
  • My neighbours are kind

  • My Nervous System is now healed and I am more of a kind person
  • My healing is successful and I am growing into a kind person
  • I am healing. I am soothing. I am nourishing. I am helping.
  • I am at ease I am at peace. I am at great comfort.
  • I find happiness and love easily and quickly
  • I find success and joy easily and quickly
  • I manifest my dreams easily and quickly
  • I make money easily and quickly
  • I attract love easily and quickly

To heal your life, you have to heal your thoughts. To heal the thoughts you have to heal the mind. To heal the mind you have to heal the nervous system. And to heal the nervous system you have to heal the behaviour.

Our behaviour decides our destiny. When our behaviour is out of any fight, flight, freeze or fake mode, our relationships as well as career suffer to a great extent. Eventually we leave them or they leave us.

Our behaviour is violent, non compromising, non adjusting and non forgiving which leads to more conflicts and stress. When our behaviour is sober, we can hope for a better world.

Practice being kind and it will help others and most importantly your own self as this is our number one lesson to be here.

Thank You ❤️

Sending you love and light always.

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