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Self Love, Self Awareness and Healed Trauma

Self Love, Self Awareness and Healed Trauma

People can only Love to their level of SELF LOVE. They can only Communicate to their level of SELF AWARENESS. And Behave to their level of HEALED TRAUMA.

Self love, Self Awareness and Trauma Healing all play a major pivotal role in changing your life 360°

Anytime you feel someone is not giving you attention or care, you are talking from a place of deep seated wound. Any time this wound is triggered you lose your balance and feel shattered.

All trauma, wounds and pain emerge from a place of not being Loved and paid attention during the early stages of life.

So now you can check your level of love, self awareness and healed trauma with a pendulum chart and then raise the levels to the highest levels.

check the level with a pendulum

When the level of self love is low, you attract people and events where you feel and realise that they don’t care, value, respect, love or treat you nicely.

When the level of self awareness is low, you don’t see a connection between things that take place and how you react to it.

When the level of healed trauma is low, you feel victimized and in severe inconsolable pain.

Now let’s raise the level and make it high so you don’t have to go through unnecessary drama and sufferings.

“Raise My level of Self Love to the highest best level”

“Raise My level of Self Awareness to the highest best level”

“Raise My level of Healed Trauma to the highest best level”

You can also use Emotional Freedom Technique along with Pendulum Dowsing and heal the trauma.

For that you need to use commands as below:

“Even though I have this problem, I deeply and completely Love and Accept Myself anyway”

“Even though this thing happened to Me and I feel sorrow for Myself, I deeply and completely Love and accept Myself anyway”

“Even though I am suffering from this issue, I deeply and completely Love and Approve of Myself”

“Even though I hate what happened to Me in the past, I deeply and completely choose to love and forgive Myself anyway”

You just have to state your problem, worries or any concern and divert and convert the story into light.

I hope this post helps you to heal from whatever is causing you stress and undesirable situations.

Anytime you feel negative, just refill your tank and watch how the new stuff starts to flow in.

Thank You ❤️

Sending you love and light always.

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