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Yes to New Life and No to Toxic Life

Yes to New Life and No to Toxic Life

Most people and majority of mass consciousness operate in “auto pilot” mode which is about repeating past familiar patterns.

And some who are Practical and Conscious live in present moment and make decisions based on the probabilities they see in near future.

However very few people who are awakened and aware of the truth purposefully create and manifest events one at a time leading to series of events that drive them closer to experiencing the power of creating their reality.

Game of Life

We all have been a victim at many unfortunate times where we feel powerless, helpless and unsupported. These are the times where we begin to hate our life and being. And in this situation many feel like ending their life as it is meaningless and unbearable.

This game of life is complex as most of our past conditionings are still dominant and running from many lifetimes. The message that are stored in our psyche, brain and blood make us who we are.

Our limitations thereupon are defined by the thoughts, emotions and beliefs we have ingrained through our repeated encounters. This is why we meet the same type of people and find ourselves stuck in same set of situations.

The key to success is finding one’s true self which is buried beneath all the layers of false perceptions and toxic beliefs. Our Life and the world is not an enemy as we often perceive when things go wrong. They are all a mirror to what is happening on inside and within us.

When bad things happen to us it simply means we harbour and at worse are defeated by those toxic fields. To make everything right in our life and world we need to clear the old junk and toxic data.

We need to learn to stop playing the victim and start being the creator. And once we do that we operate from a place of power where we know how to shape and give birth to a positive reality and create a pleasant future that is free from disease and all discomfort.

How we lose our Power?

  • When we think that others are harming us, robbing us or doing us wrong

  • When we hate our own self and feel pity and are disappointed

  • When we complain, blame and held other people, things and circumstances as responsible for our failure and problems

  • When we remain close to what our life, body and relationships are trying to reveal about our state of manifestation

  • When we rely on other people and things to protect and save our life rather than discovering own hidden strength and potential to rise in Life

How to fix things up?

  • Constantly reminding ourselves that we are the creators and not the slaves or victims

  • Constantly being aware of creating a Life of our dreams and not of fears and hardships

  • Constantly shifting and energizing a new pattern and giving birth to a new mindset

  • Constantly rewiring our nervous system to relax and find deep security

Cultivate Positive Habits and Lift yourself

The thoughts that run in our mind all day is a clue to what is going on and circulating in our brain, blood, surroundings and space. We absorb and attract thoughts of same vibration and nature. We ultimately are right and never judged by the universe as wrong.

We land up where our thoughts pave the way. We end up with circumstances based on what all we think all the time about certain things in an energized way. When we put more emphasis on certain things that become stronger and powerful.

In most case majority of people constantly think of negative things and they end up creating a negative life experience.

Dowsing Ritual before going to Sleep

When we are awake we are aware of all the thoughts that hurt us and bug us but when we go to sleep we are floating free and are unaware of what all is cultivating and spreading all over within us.

If all throughout the day we have passed our life in negative lifestyle then during our night it will continue to grow and spread its root and when we wake in the morning we see how bad and horrible our situation is.

So we need a better program and smart work so with less energy and effort we can achieve impossible tasks and higher goals.

If you have landed this post, you are aware of Pendulum Dowsing and are here to find some commands and statements but if you have no idea about dowsing you can still derive maximum benefit by using your intuition and feel of energy to talk to own self and spirit of your life in the form of positive message and high vibration words

Feeding the Mind, Body and Soul

We are always feeding our spirit with thoughts which then materialises it into our truth of being and vibration.

  • So before going to sleep just make it a routine to talk to self and tell a positive story of how your future is going to be and how your next day will be. These are all little things but it leaves a big impact on how our life unfolds.

Here are some commands and statements you can use to frame your words

  • I am the Hero of My Life. l honor my existence and place in this world and reality. I am gifted and blessed beyond my awareness.

  • I create My Life and My Reality and I am aware of it and use it to My greatest advantage.

Now while using the Pendulum say this amazing life changing command

  • When I wake up in the morning, all my problems in life will disappear and leave me alone. My life will become easy and I will enjoy it to the fullest

  • When I wake up in the morning I will receive good news, great ideas to turn my dreams into reality and am highly energized to take the right action to reach my goals.

  • When I wake up in the morning there will be peace and positive energy all around me, all within me and all surrounding me to bless my day all throughout and protect me from all harm and abuse

  • When I wake up in the morning I will feel safe and secure as if the trouble and enemy has gone and left. I will find myself in a better place, in a better state and in a better form

  • When I wake up in the morning I will do my work and complete my work in peace and have fun. Nothing will obstruct my work. All issues are gone. I am clear of all negativity and toxic things that were blocking my blessings

When you do this ritual, you are changing the way you communicate and perceive your future. You are giving yourself a chance to play better and correct the mistake.

Ritual to clear the Toxins and Waste

Now we need a physical outlet to demonstrate the things that we are doing at a non physical level. At a non physical level we are shifting the energy and making room for positive energy so now to strengthen our convictions we can use the help of some witchcraft kind of things or say use some magic.

The process is simple we will use two simple things to detox our life of all negative energy from within and all around us and this will clearly affect our vibration and state of being.

  • To clear the inside we will use Enema pot and simply flush out the toxins from the body. This has its own tremendous impact on spiritual health and brain functions that instantly lead to sense of calm and clear all forms of stress and depression

  • To clear the surroundings we will use a mini dustbin and put all the garbage and waste around our office or room into that bin and then clear it every morning

By doing this things we send a message to the universe and our subconscious that we are ready to clear negative energy and appreciate positive energy. What we do affects our vibration and when we do it with an intention things get done faster.

By using water enema for lifetime or for some months you can clear the intestine of all bacteria and toxins. 70 % of our immune system is present in our gut and when the harmful bacteria enter into the blood through leaky gut and damaged functions, the body is kept on Alarm and there is inflammation which is the root of all diseases.

Water Enema will help to clear the system of all dead cells and toxic energy that would get recycled if not removed. And when we are doing energy healing we release a lot of cells and form new ones.

Keeping our inside and surrounding clean is a message that we are releasing all the negative energy that does not serve us.

Thanks for reaching out ❤️❤️❤️

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